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3 Summer Skin Care Tips from Dr. Jacobson

Medical Dermatology WA

Summertime is finally upon folks and us across the Pacific Northwest are taking advantage of sunnier days and warmer temperatures. This can mean a lot of great memories, a glowing tan, and, we hate to say it, long term UV damage. The UV rays that are absorbed into your skin have a powerful effect. These...  read more

Nonsurgical Facelift using Sculptra - Six Weeks After Treatment One with Dr. Jennifer Reichel

The treatment with Dr. Reichel went great. She was really amazing. I think the temples look a little bit fuller. I do think that the combo of the Sculptra and Dysport was a really great suggestion by Dr. Reichel. The 11's that were forming have resolved. My forehead is sort of smoother. My friends were...  read more

July 2017 Specials and Events

July 2017 Specials and Events are here. Sensational Summer - July savings and clinic happenings. Restylane filler days, Dysport dash Monday, peels for reals, melt stubborn fat with Kybella, lips & lashes, Skinmedica specials, and more. Plus, our patient portal is live and get text & email appointment reminders. Learn more by reading through our...  read more

How “50 is the New 40” can be Reflected in your Appearance

BOTOX® Cosmetic

In recent years, we have heard 50 is the new 40 – or even the new 30 – countless times. What does this mean, and what does it mean for the woman (or man) who is managing conflicting feelings about growing older? Don’t get us wrong. There are definitely perks to landing in middle-age with...  read more

June 2017 Specials and Events

June 2017 Specials and Events are here. Join us for our Elta MD skincare summer day event, June Monday specials for Dysport and Sculptra, plus plan ahead for summer or fall fix ups with a FREE consultation with Mary. And, a new PA in Renton! Learn more by reading through our specials or contact us...  read more

Botox, Fillers, and a Beautiful You

Throughout the past decade, we have witnessed a significant transformation in the world of beauty. While we are more understanding of the process of aging, many men and women continue to mitigate the passage of time with aesthetic treatments ranging from cosmetic lifts to sophisticated non-surgical procedures to the simplest of them all: injectables. We...  read more

May 2017 Specials and Events

May 2017 Specials and Events are here to celebrate moms everywhere. Evening of beauty on Thursday, June 1st at the Northgate location, gift cards 10% off (limit up to $1,000), on May 8th purchase a vitalize peel for $150 with Sue and get $150 off Dysport with Mary, and more! Learn more by reading through...  read more

We’re in it for the Long Haul with Sculptra!

The aging process is not a fly-by-night, once-and-done event. We start to age in our twenties, losing the high doses of collagen that we have always had. From this decade of life, the fibroblast cells that are responsible for collage production continue to tire out. With each passing year, a few more of these cells...  read more

April 2017 Specials and Events

April 2017 Specials and Events are here. Radiesse and Belotero filler day with Dr. Reichel on Friday, May 5th. Forever Young BBL special, Monday Fundays in April with Sue and Mary, Sculptra special, new H.A. Intensifier, $20 off Lytera and more. Learn more by reading through our specials or contact us at 206-859-5777 or via...  read more

3 Treatments to Try out This Year

It's the second month of the year! How are your resolutions coming along? Even if you didn't make any hard and fast goals for 2017, there is more than a small chance that you are riding the wave of "what's new." Most of us look forward to a new year with a bit of excitement...  read more

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