5 Things to Know about Autologous Fat Transfer

FAT transferAutologous Fat Transfer that is also sometimes referred to as Fat transfer, is an outstanding mechanism for the treatment of an aging face so that it regains its youthful look after the successful completion of the procedure. This is a revolutionary advanced technique where the fat reserves of the patient herself are used. The fat is gently extracted from a specific body part such as from the patient’s knees, thighs or abdomen and carefully transferred to the face, buttocks, breasts or hands of a patient. Several facial areas such as mid face, cheeks, lips, and eyebrows, nasolabial folds that are also known as laugh lines, cover the two sides of a nose to the corner of a mouth that may use the fat removed from other areas previously. The utilization of the fat is made to get a youthful look, filling creases and lines that appear with aging and for enhancing the lips. Fat transfer is not a new technique and it has been used since ages.

Here a few things that you should know about Autologous fat transfer before you decide to go for it:

  • Reduction in allergies to foreign materials: Autologous fat, that is fat from the patient’s own body is used in the procedure instead of dermal fillers that bring down the probability of occurrence of allergies to unknown or foreign substances.
  • Health related issues: A patient should be having donor sites from where the fat can be extracted. The patient should not have any type of problems related to circulation, either due to smoking or due to some other type of medical condition.
  • Noninvasive method: Autologous fat transfer rejuvenates the face of a patient by giving it a fresh and youthful look by employing a noninvasive method.
  • Natural looking results- Fat transfer is a safe, well-tolerated and long-lasting procedure that gives natural-looking results.
  • Uses of fat transfer- This methodology should be prefers when a person wants to rejuvenate his/her face and hands, fill depressions in body, revise scars and for improving the body contour.

Are you curious to know more about Autologous Fat Transfer?

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