Hello Dr. Reichel.......I thought I should touch base with you since my last appointment.  I saw you last July 2010 for treatment of my Syringomas with the Fraxel laser; after a couple weeks of healing I came in for a follow-up.  Neither of us were particulary satisfied with the results as the syringomas were still pronounced.  You offered another round of treatment but I haven't followed up on that, yet. I just wanted you to know that after a year, the tumors have reduced in size significantly. Having looked at a picture from a couple of years ago, the difference is quite noticable. I figured you'd be interested in hearing of this. Also, I still plan on getting another round of treatment - maybe in a year. Thank you so much for your help and excellent care.  N.Y.

Hi N.Y. 

I have been wondering how you are doing. Thank you so much for the follow-up email. That is super that your syringomas have gotten less noticeable. I remember very clearly how you looked at the follow-up appointment. They say it can take 6 months to a year to really see the results of the resurfacing laser – so that’s great to hear that yours are so much smaller.
Again thanks for the email. It is always valuable to hear from my patients. I look forward to seeing you again for another round of treatment when you are ready. I will always honor the follow-up treatment cost for you (even if it is in 4 years).
Dr R

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