Dear Doctor,

I have Xanthelasma and have read that TCA peels are great for treating it, would you agree?  Or can you recommend other treatment options for me.

Thank you. D 

Dear D:

I have not had great luck with TCA for xanthelasma, but it can be an option, I do have high % TCA available . I also have a Total FX Lumenis CO2 laser I have used with good success on Xanthelasma. Or as another option I have also had really good luck with surgical removal.  I would like to see you in consultation first and then decide, together, on the best treatment options.

Please call 206.859.5777 to schedule a consultation with me, either Melissa or Sara can set that up for you.  I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your treatment options.
Dr. Jennifer Reichel of Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center

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