Injections or Surgery: When's the Right Time?

Injections or Surgery: When's the Right Time?

Perhaps you have been considering a procedure to address your aging skin. Do you opt for an injectable like Botox or Xeomin to stop muscle movement or a filler like Juvéderm or Radiesse to add volume? Or is it time for surgery in the form of an eyelift or blepharoplasty?

"I generally suggest that you give fillers a try if you have relatively good skin elasticity, but have lost some of the fullness in your face," says Dr. Jennifer Reichel, Founder & Director of Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center. Fillers can plump up areas that are beginning to look a bit gaunt, but they cannot address excessively sagging skin. If wrinkles are bothering you, injectables like Botox or Xeomin may fit the bill to stop the facial movements (like squinting) that cause the lines.

If you have tried injectables or fillers and feel that you look "puffy" or "doughy," it may be time to move on to surgery. If you have sagging skin, surgery is the procedure that will fix it.

However, since some areas of your face may need more aggressive attention than others, don't be surprised if your doctor suggests injectables or fillers in conjunction with surgery to help you achieve the most natural, balanced look. Bottom line: Seek out a board-certified cosmetic surgeon to help determine the current condition of your skin and the best ways to improve it.  At Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, we offer cosmetic consultations for all of your cosmetic questions and needs, call 206.859.5777, to schedule an appointment today.

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