Did She Gain Weight or Just Get Overinjected?

Did She Gain Weight or Just Get Overinjected?

Posted Wednesday, March 14, 2012 by Anna Jimenez, Senior Interactive Editor

Unfortunately, we see this happen too often in Hollywood. Most recently, we've noticed it on Ashley Judd, who, though not having noticeably gained weight in any other part of her body, inexplicably has a puffy, swollen-looking face. She has a case of the "fat" face. While we don't know for fact whether Judd has had injections of fat or filler into her face, her puffed-up cheeks and chin would imply she's had too much of something.

Fat and fillers are a good way to add volume to the face in anti-aging efforts, but if either is used over aggressively in too large amounts, you end up with an unnatural look. Also, if filler is injected into the apples of the cheeks, not above the cheekbones, or filler is injected over and over in a short amount of time, the result can be "chipmunky" or leave you with a pillowy and doughy face.

So how can the side effects be avoided? "The physician must be judicious in the volume injected and meticulous in technique. Patients should stay at a steady weight too, as if you take in more calories than you burn, any transplanted fat may grow," says New York plastic surgeon Sherrell J. Aston, MD.

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