Q:  Greetings, I had a question if there was any treatment for a small raised scar (color is white) on my the left tip of my nose that was caused by acne a few years back. I was wondering if there is some kind of treatment to help flatten it. Thank you for your time and assistance.

A: Thank you for your email inquiry.

For scars like you are  describing, the options would include doing whats called a "dermabrasion" - which is a sanding down of the scar tissue to make it blend better in with the surrounding skin. For this type of dermabrasion, I usually just use a topical numbing cream for about 30 to 40 minutes and then use a medical grade sand-paper to smooth out the scar. The result is what looks like a "rug-burn", and lasts about 5 to 10 days.
Other options would include laser procedures, such as the Fraxel Restore, or the Fractional CO2, Total FX laser. These lasers would be used to achieve the same results, and it will really depend on what the scar looks like.  Vbeam can be used for newer scars that have redness in them as it will improve redness and also cause scar remodeling.
It sound like, in your case, that a surgical revision would be a less likely option, and finally, if there is any portion of a scar on the nose that is indented, we can use a tissue filler, such as Radiesse, to fill in the indentation.  It is helpful if we know what caused the scar and how old the scar is in order to help best determine the course of treatment.
I would very much like to see you in consultation, please call my office at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment.
Thank you, Dr. Jennifer Reichel

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