Dear Dr. Reichel;

I'm actually not a U.S. citizen, but I do travel to the U.S. sometimes. I hope you can provide with some information about your KTP-laser. I suffer from a lot of fine red vessels on my legs, which actually appeared after sclerotherapy (matting). Unfortunately, they appear all over my legs and they have been there since 2004. I always cover my legs because of these and just recently I decided to treat these. I had some treatments with the YAG-laser, but the vessels didn't respond well. Now I'm looking to treat this either by thermocoagulation with the Veinwave system or again by laser - but with the KTP laser. Can you please tell me how the results are with the KTP-laser on the legs? Do these red fine vessels respond well on the legs? Thank you so much. Best regards.


Dear patient;
Thank you for your question. I did extensive training on leg vein treatments in my cosmetic fellowship. In my experience, treating hundreds of patients, sclerotherapy remains the "gold standard" (the best) treatment for small red vessels on the legs. I use very fine needles, and am able to inject even into the smallest of "matting" vessels. It almost always takes more than one treatment. I like to space the treatments at least 4 weeks apart, but you can space them more than that. Sometimes it may feel like we are chasing the vessels around, as matting does occur when you treat larger vessels. However, if you are persistent, and have a really good injector, sclerotherapy is the best option.
I have used many lasers on leg veins, and have not found one that works as well as sclerotherapy. The KTP laser is an amazing laser, but it is really only good for facial vessels, and for cherry angiomas on the body. It just can't reach the leg veins well without leaving the possibility of scarring. Likewise, I think the Yag-laser is less superior. You can look into the Veinwave system, but I have seen several patients who have developed significant matting after this procedure.
I certainly hope that this helps, and I would love to see you if you come to Seattle.
Thank you, Dr. Reichel, Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center.

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