A quote from our MOHS patient today:

My first Mohs patient of the morning told me about this amazing  book he had just read; “The Craftsman” by Richard Sennett.   Upon removing his first layer of tissue and waiting for it to process, I took the opportunity to google this auther and further found this review; (The New York Times Book Review said:  “An inquiring, intelligent look at how the work of the hand informs the work of the mind.”    I went back to my patient to finish his procedure and tell him about this review I had just seen.  He further quoted from the book on what he had experienced today:

" The state makes neuronal sense of the experience of curiosity, an experience that suspends resolution and decision, in order to probe.  The work process can thus be imagined as following a certain time rhythm, in which action leads to suspension while results are questioned, after which action resumes in a new form.  We have seen this rhythm of action-rest/question-action to mark the development of complex hand skills; merely mechanical activity, which does not develop technique, is simply movement."

I thanked him for his recommendation as well as being an excellent patient, went into my office and ordered the book!

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