A Walk Through Your First Botox Appointment

Botox cosmetic has been used for so many years now that it is virtually a household name. It is a brand of beauty that is well-known and very well-loved. With millions of people getting Botox each year, it can be easy to overlook the fact that many of them have never had injectables before. Regardless of how popular Botox is, if you’re new to this treatment you may have some questions or concerns. Usually, our patients just want to know what to expect. Here, we walk you through what happens at your first Botox appointment.

Your Consultation

People often call our office stating that they want to schedule Botox injections. Still, our first step is to conduct a consultation. The discussion that is had to begin treatment is a discussion that lays the foundation for facial rejuvenation. Botox is popular, yes, but it is also unique in how it smooths wrinkles. When we meet patients for the first time, we discuss this because we must make sure that Botox is the best product for the job at hand. This drug works on dynamic wrinkles, those that relate to facial movements. Examples include frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet.


Once our consultation confirms that Botox is the right approach to your concerns, we can immediately begin treatment. Sometimes, Botox injections are combined with dermal filler injections in the same appointment. This can achieve more dramatic rejuvenation. It is not necessary to apply anesthetic to the skin for Botox or dermal filler treatments. The needle used for injections is so small that patients do not feel pain. We would describe the injections as a momentary pinch. Regardless of where Botox is administered, the injection process typically takes only a few minutes.

Recovery and Results

One of the great things about injectables like Botox is that there is no real downtime for recovery. Being your first time getting injectable treatment, you may want to allow yourself the opportunity to go home after your appointment. Most people experience minor swelling and redness around injection points that last an hour or two, tops. However, you may want to see how your body responds in the comfort of your home rather than at the office or running errands.

If your first appointment involves Botox only, you will begin to see results 5 to 10 days after your visit. If you also get dermal fillers, some of your results will be immediately noticeable. Botox touch-ups can be scheduled every 3 to 6 months as needed to keep lines and creases from re-appearing.

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