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Physician assistants in dermatology play a number of varied and vital roles, reflecting many facets of the field. From patient care and education to skin surgery, treatment of chronic skin conditions, and cosmetic procedures, our PA's are dynamic and flexible members of the PD&CC medical team. Adaptable and versatile, they complement the work of our supervising physicians, making our practice more flexible and responsive to the needs of patients.

Our PA's at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center practice medicine with physician supervision and have the authority to diagnose and treat patients with a range of medical conditions. Our PA's generalist medical education provides a solid foundation from which to address the diverse aspects of dermatology practice, including performing physical exams, diagnosing conditions and developing treatment plans, providing health counseling, prescribing medications, and performing surgical and cosmetic procedures.

Andrea English, PA-C sees patients in our Northgate location.  Ashley Miguel, PA-C, MPAS and Deb Vu, PA-C see patients in our Renton location.

Andrea English, PA-C

Ashley Miguel, PA-C, MPAS

Deb Vu, PA-C


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