Aging skin, Sun Damage and Leg Veins

 Hello~ I am 33 years old (female) with considerable sun damage, some facial scarring and other skin issues as well as leg veins. I am interested in getting some procedures done now to correct or improve my issues so they will be more easily managed as I continue to age. Botox/Radiesse, laser treatments and Juvederm are all very intriguing to me and I would like to learn more about them. I am interested in a consult to see what Dr Reichel would recommend. Thank you. 

 MG, Seattle Washington

 Dear MG,  

 I like that you are looking into the future as a young female and wanting to address issues so they are more easy to manage as you age. For sun damage and facial (?acne) scarring, we have several laser or chemical peel options. We have added the new FRAXEL DUAL to our laser suite – and can now treat lines, scarring, and pigmentation better than ever before. For young women, it may also be the right time to start thinking about using Botox Cosmetic. Botox Cosmetic is the best way to prevent and improve wrinkles on the forehead, and around the eyes. We also carry Dysport, a newly approved agent for lines that is similar to Botox. 

 For leg veins, the FDA has now approved ASCLERA, a sclerotherapy agent that works really well for small and medium sized leg veins. Sclerotherapy is an injection treatment that may permanently shut down the unwanted broken vessels on your legs.  Remember that it is never to late to protect your skin from sun damage. Always wear sunscreen on your face, neck and chest if you are going to be out in the sun, and cover these areas with hats and light clothing.

 Thanks for your great questions, I look forward to meeting with you. 

Jennifer Reichel MD


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