As seen on Dr. Oz, Fat Harvest and Fat Transfer

Dear Dr. Reichel
I had seen a procedure on the Dr. Oz show where liposuction was performed and (immediately) the fat was used to add volumne under the eyes. It sounds like you do the same thing. I'm wondering if this involves general ansthesia or can be performed as an "out patient"? Also can you advise me of an approximate cost? Thank you, S.K.
Dear S.K. 
To answer your question – you are asking about what is called a fat transfer. I do perform fat transfers. You can do it as part of a true liposuction procedure (where you intend to do a total liposuction, but spend the initial portion of the procedure removing fat cells in a sterile manner and then processing them for transfer to other areas of the body), or you can do a Fat harvest and transfer as a “stand alone” procedure where you do a mini liposuction procedure with the intent of removing enough fat cells for transfer only.
You do not need to be under general anesthesia for liposuction, and certainly not for a “stand alone” fat harvest and transfer. For liposuction, I use twilight anesthesia where the patient is awake, breathing on their own, but very groggy, and may not remember parts of the procedure. However, you are able to talk to me and we listen to music and generally keep our patients entertained. For a simple harvest and transfer, you would need less sedation, but I still like to give my patients at least some valium to keep them comfortable. This means, of course, that you can’t drive yourself home.
For the fat harvest, we do the first transfer at the time of the harvest (isn’t it fun to call it a “harvest”?). We take about 10 times the amount needed for a transfer and we have a fat storage system that allows us to deep freeze the fat and store it for each patient for up to two years.
I believe that fat transfers for under eye grooves/tear troughs gives the most natural looking results of all of the options out there. I love the procedure.
As far as cost, the harvest and initial transfer is around $3000 to $4000. Additional transfers thereafter as needed can be between $375 and $475.
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Thank you, Dr. Jennifer Reichel at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center in Seattle, WA

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