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Filler or Ultherapy for "crow's feet"?

I have had 10 injections of Artefill and I'm not seeing a huge difference. Along with "crow's feet" I am concerned with my lower face. I am wondering if Ulthera may be a better choice for me. - C Thank you for your inquiry from RealSelf. First, I am not really a fan of Artefill....  read more

What does breast cancer have to do with dermatology?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You may be asking "What does that have to do with dermatology?" As a matter of fact, there is an association between breast cancer and melanoma. For years there has been only speculation as to why the two cancers are linked. However, a new very large study has shown...  read more

Acne Scar Revision Treatment

Hi, I am a 38yr old Asian origin woman with deep acne scarring. Have had taken accutane 2 yrs before and now looking for the various options to treat the acne scarring effectively. I have been using obagi for my routine skin regimen. Any guidance or advice will sincerely appreciate . Thanks. Thank you for...  read more

VIDEO: How The Sun Sees You

Which filler treatment for under-eyes?

Hi! I'm 28 with no prior cosmetic treatments, looking for an eye expert. I'm concerned about my tear troughs. Which filler would you use? What is the odds of bruising and for how long does it last? What would the procedure cost in total? Thanks! Hi N, Thanks for your inquiry from RealSelf. I would...  read more

Treatment for Fordyce Spots

Hello, I wanted to contact you in regard to Fordyce Spots. I've been living with Fordyce Spots on my upper lip since age 17 or so. A few years ago, a dermatologist "tested" the hyfrecator on a couple areas - this seemed to help minimize them a bit, but they kind of reappeared. I also...  read more

Treatment for Large Pores

What can I do about large pores on my face? -B Dear B: Large pore size is a very common complaint in my clinic.  Unfortunately, pore size is relatively unchangeable.  Pores can actually enlarge with time with the loss of elasticity in the skin as well as sun damage.  The good news is that there...  read more

Dr. Jacobson featured in WalMart magazine

Dr. Laurie Jacobson was featured in WalMart World Magazine talking on Sunscreen and Skin Protection.

Topical moisturizers not working for irritated skin?

My child has very dry, itchy, and red skin and topical moisturizers are not working anymore.  What should I do? -T Dear T, I am sorry to hear about your child but you have come to the right place!  There are several different skin conditions that could be causing these skin changes in your child,...  read more

Treating brown spots on Asian skin

Are lasers to treat brown spots on Asian skin safe? -K Dear K: Asian skin is more susceptible to scarring and discoloration after laser treatments.  That being said, there are absolutely some great treatments for hyperpigmentation of Asian skin- a very common complaint.First and foremost you must always wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or above....  read more

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