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Acne Scarring: CO2 vs Fraxel Restore

Having performed traditional CO2 treatments and both fractional CO2 (Lumenis, Total FX) and Fraxel Restore for over 10 years, I have noticed positives and negatives about Fraxel vs the CO2 laser. I have asked colleagues around the country what their impressions are, and, for the most part, we agree. Doing one fractional CO2 laser treatment...  read more

Treatment for deep lines in forehead

Wanting to know if the deep lines on my forehead can be helped with Botox and how it would look. I have had it once but did not love the results, not sure if the doctor did not do it right so I would like to talk to an experienced doctor. - M Hi M,...  read more

Which filler treatment to choose?

Q: How do I know what filler to choose for my facial wrinkles? -M Dear M, There are many filler types on the market today and as a consumer I think it would be difficult to decide which one would be right for you. The fillers we use in our office in Renton, WA are...  read more

Acne Treatment Options

Hi Dr. Reichel, I'm a student & trying hard on a research task I've been given to ask world's best Dermatologists about the best practices to get rid of acne in few concise sentences. Hope you'll take a few minutes to help me in completing my research.   Hi, I don't know that I would...  read more

Botox or Filler for wrinkles?

Q: How do I know if I need Botox or filler for the wrinkles on my face? –S   Dear S, That is a great question.  Most people know that Botox and fillers are products that can be used to treat facial wrinkles, but many people are unaware of their differences and which product would...  read more

Which laser for fine lines around eyes?

Dr. Reichel, do you recommend Fraxel for fine lines around the eyes? -M Hi M, I normally try to steer patients toward CO2 for lines around the eyes - but will sometimes do Fraxel. For fraxel, it takes 4 treatments usually - spaced 4-6 weeks apart. about 3 days of down-time. You have to put...  read more

Dr. Reichel on Belotero filler

Hi, I am interested in Belotero. Can you tell me more about it? -L Hi L, Thank you for your inquiry about Belotero. I am not sure what your cosmetic concerns are, but I do inject a lot of Belotero, and I love it. We are the biggest injectors of it in Seattle. I love...  read more

Eye rejuvenation for dark circles and bags

I have dark circles and some bags under my eyes. I want to request a consult to talk about treatment options. Thank you J     Hi J. I love to do rejuvenation of the eyes – it is one of my favorite areas to work and an area of expertise. There are several ways...  read more

Skin check for Melanoma

I just found out that my first cousin was diagnosed with Melanoma.  I’m scared that I might get it too, what should I do? Thank you, S   Dear S, It is understandable to be a little scared when you learn of someone close to you being diagnosed with cancer.  Malignant Melanoma, is unfortunately, occurring...  read more

Dr. Jacobson talks with Skin Cancer Foundation on full-body exams

Dr. Jacobson talks with the Skin Cancer Foundation on what a full-body exam entails. ASK THE EXPERT: What does a full-body exam entail?

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