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Liposonix nerve healing

I had Liposonix done on my anterior thighs  4 months ago. Sometimes when I rest, I feel shooting pain in nerves, in right anterior thigh area, at random time intervals. Is this normal? Dear M, Thank you for your input after your Liposonix treatment. Yes, this is totally normal - can do that for months...  read more

Nonsurgical treatment to tighten loose skin

I am 67 with pretty good skin and I want to tighten my skin, if possible, and my neck, with a nonsurgical treatment. I have read about Ulthera and would try this if it is effective on older skin. Please reply. Thank you, C Hi C, Thanks for your question. Ulthera can be effective on...  read more

Treatment for Lipomas

Dr. Reichel, Can Thermoge be done to limpomas? -K   Dear K, Thank you for your question. No Thermage can not be done to lipomas. For small lipomas, the best way to remove them is simple surgical excision. Although this does leave a small scar, it is the most successful way to treat them. Liposuction can be...  read more

Treatment for fines lines from tanning beds

Im 21, I have fine lines around my eyes and smile lines near my mouth from years of tanning in tanning beds. I also have comedonal acne. I'm looking for the best package available to help erase what I did to my skin. -A   Hi A, Thank you for the email inquiry. Ah yes – tanning...  read more

Dr. Reichel talks with RealSelf on 'Less Botox-Y in Botox Seattle'

Dr. Jennifer Reichel of the Pacific Dermatology and Cosmetic Center talks about how women in Seattle are staying away from New York-sized fillers, and how Seattleites are getting natural-looking results from Botox and fillers. Here's a clue: Botox light.

Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center - Renton is now open!

Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center - Renton is now open! The address and clinic number is: 350 S. 38th Court, Suite 115 Renton, WA  98055 425-970-4155 Dr. Erica Linnell and Megan Larson, PA work full-time in Renton. It is a lovely clinic (picture below) and we are thrilled to offer a second location to our patients. ...  read more

Laser treatment for acne scarring

I just want to ask for the percentage of getting rid of acne and acne scars. In addition, I also want to ask for the cost of the treatments. -V Hi V, Thank you for the inquiry from RealSelf. The most important thing would be for you to come in for a consultation so that...  read more

When Getting Judged By The Color Of Your Skin Is A Good Thing

Dr. Reichel and 6 other expert cosmetic surgeons give their views on why ethnicity matters in cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Reichel was asked to do a series of videos for as part of a hand-picked select group of her colleagues across the country. Stay tuned for more videos in the near future. Click here...  read more

Dr. Reichel chosen as Seattle Met Top Doc 2013

  Dr. Reichel has been chosen by her peers as one of Seattle Met's Top Doctors for 2013. Congratulations Dr. Reichel!                

Filler for facial rejuvenation

Hi Dr. Reichel, I am an unhappy with my aging looks 55 year old woman ready to take some action. It is so hard looking in the mirror! My primary concern is my sagging cheeks so either Restylane or Juvederm will be in order. Eyelids depend on cost.   Hi T, I would be very...  read more

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