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Belotero for tear troughs

Hi there, I'm going to be in Seattle around July 20th and wanted an appointment for fillers, particularly in the tear troughs. I've never had this before and am looking for a dr with a lot of experience in this area. Does Dr R do this? Any photos? Dear BV, Thank you for your email...  read more

How long until final result after mole removal?

Hi Dr, I was wondering how long does it take to reach the final result after mole removal? I saw pictures of mole removals on the realself website and it look like you did good work. The scars of the patient were small thin almost unrecognizable lines. I had one removed 3 months ago and it...  read more

Botox for Teeth Grinding

Will Botox for jaw reudction help with teeth grinding? -S   Dear S, This is a very good question. There is evidence that botox injections into the muscles used to cause teeth grinding (the Masseter and possibly Temporalis muscles) can help with this condition. In 2012, there was a small study done that involved 23...  read more

Dr. Reichel received the William Baker Meritorious Service Award

Dr. Reichel received the 2012-13 'William Baker Meritorious Service Award'. The recipient of this award is chosen by the University of Washington Dermatology Residents each year. The award is given for "Best Teaching" physician of the year. Each quarter, Dr. Reichel sponsors a "Cosmetic Procedure" teaching session with the residents. These sessions are about Botox,...  read more

Dr. Jacobson talks to KOMO news on Skin Cancer Awareness

Am I a good candidate for Total FX CO2 laser?

Hi TM.   Thank you for the inquiry. I would be happy to see you to determine if you are a good candidate for the Total FX CO2 laser. It is a great laser. We have had ours for about 3 years and I have treated over 100 people. I love this laser. It is...  read more

Younger Looking Hands: Filler vs. Fat Grafting

Taken from a RealSelf interview with Dr. Jennifer Reichel Dr. Jennifer Reichel who practices in Seattle says she believes that patients get better results if they use fat injections. RS: What is your preferred method of adding volume back to aging hands? Dr. Reichel: If the patient is willing to undergo the fat transfer, I...  read more

Dr. Jacobson on KOMO radio

It's skin cancer awareness month and KOMO's Art Sanders talks to leading dermatologist Dr. Laurie Jacobson about the danger even here in Seattle  

Surgical treatments for excessive sweating

The website suggested that for excessive sweating, there are some surgical treatments that could be applied. What exactly are these surgical treatments and what are there success rates? Thank you. JM   Hi JM. Thank you for sending your inquiry. Yes, there are surgical treatments for excessive sweating. The treatment options may vary depending on...  read more

Dr. Reichel on Chat With Women

Dr. Reichel appeared on Chat With Women! Chat With Women is passionate about inspiring women. View Dr. Reichel's segment below        

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