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Read My Lips, It's All About Hyaluronic Acid

Credit: Thinkstock Many women want to get their lips enhanced, but also want to avoid the dreaded overfilled "duck lips," and thanks to the ever-increasing art and science of lip augmentation, they now can. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons can use a number of treatments to help the lips look fuller, however, using injectable hyaluronic acid fillers...  read more

I'd like a non-surgical "nose job".

Hi! I am a 19-year old Seattle girl who is slightly unhappy with the width of my nose. I'd love to hear about nonsurgical options that could help. Please let me know. Thank you! Thank you for your question on non-surgical "nose jobs". For the most part, non-surgical options for nose "improvements" involve the use...  read more

Does Your Neck Need Special Anti-Aging attention?

There is a cream for everything these days. From your under eyes to your feet—no area of the body has been neglected by beauty brands looking to sell you a new way to look your best. But do all these areas actually need their own skin-care regimen? We wanted to know, especially when it comes...  read more

3 Non-Surgical Ways to Rejuvenate the Face

Credit: Thinkstock When you want to look and feel younger, your face is the front and center battleground of that fight. And while there are a few ways to surgically make the face look years younger (facelift, neck lift, nose job), many women might not be ready for the commitment or cost of a surgical...  read more

Is Mixing Skin-Care Products Dangerous?

Every dermatologist and skin-care professional has their own opinion when it comes to combining ingredients. Some doctors say strong ingredients should never be mixed together and should be used solely on their own, while others disagree, saying it’s safe to use them together as long as they’re applied at different times of the day. Before...  read more

September News at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center

What a beautiful start to September in the Pacific Northwest with the welcoming blue skies and warm weather! Around the corner is the beginning of fall and what a perfect time to plan for a laser procedure that is best done in the cloudier months ahead when sun exposure is much less intense.  These might...  read more

Can you help me with a "buffalo hump"?

Dear Dr. Reichel: I'm interested in a liposuction procedure that is not common(or is it?) I have developed a "buffalo hump" at the base of my neck,and would like it removed. I'm not sure why I have it, but conventional weight loss does not help. Can this be removed? And what would be an estimated...  read more

Seattle's Best Dermatologist...Dr. Reichel takes TopDoc Award!

Dr. Jennifer Reichel has won Seattle Met Magazine's 2012 Top Doctor's Award as one of Seattle's Best Dermatologists.  Seattle Met teamed with professional ratings company, Avvo, to select the top four percent of practitioners in 72 specialties.  This year a record number of doctors, almost 4,500, provided information to Avvo including education, training, special honors...  read more

Why Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center? Tumsecent liposuction

Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center has a comprehensive approach to inspire beauty from head to toe.  Compassion, efficiency, safety and professional patient care are the cornerstone of our clinic.  Here, all cosmetic procedures are performed by a qualified physician or under the direct supervision of a qualified physician unlike many medi-spas and laser centers.  We...  read more

Neurotoxin Injection Myths

Some wear it like a badge of honor, yet others want to keep it under wraps. Getting neurotoxin injections, like Botox, Dysport and *Xeomin, is a very individual decision that should be made between a doctor and patient, but it seems like everyone is speculating on who's had what done. And with that speculation comes...  read more

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