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Fall is Coming...Peel Your Way to Flawless Skin

Credit: Harry Vorsteher/Corbis There’s no better way to perk up dull skin than with a chemical peel. A beauty staple since the days of Cleopatra (who was said to bathe in spoiled milk, the basis of lactic acid), the formulations and peeling agents used today may have been adapted to meet modern-day beauty standards but...  read more

Scars? We can help you......

  Good News For Future Scars Scars are often thought of as battle wounds—reminders of a time and place when the body was put to the test and survived with a story. Anyone who has had a C-section can attest to this. After all, a scar—the fibrous tissue that replaces normal skin after injury—is your...  read more

How many injections have you had?

Keep Track of Your Cosmetic Injections You could think of it like a food log, only for your face. If you don’t do it already, you really should start to keep track of your cosmetic injections. Specifically, women should keep a record of their type, quantity and placement of injections. This goes especially for those...  read more

Something to keep in mind as we watch the 2012 Summer Olympics!

Skincare Advice for Athletes Every four years we look forward to cheering on Team USA. These Olympians are the best of the best – swimming, diving, volleyball, running, you name it. But whether you are athletic or an athlete you sweat and sweating decreases your skin's natural protection against the sun’s harmful rays. You might not have...  read more

Can you tell me if Ultherapy will work under my eyes?

Question: I have fine lines and loose skin under my eyes. Will Ultherapy help with this? A: Ultherapy is a relatively new skin tightening device that has FDA approval for tightening and lifting facial skin. It uses ultrasound waves to target the tissues underlying the top surface of the skin to cause small areas of...  read more

Summer is finally upon us in the Pacific Northwest

Drs. Reichel and Jacobson very much enjoyed speaking at the annual Pacific Northwest Dermatologic 79th scientific conference, held this year at Suncadia resort over the July 21-22 weekend.  Dr. Reichel discussed the history and current treatment of unwanted fatty deposits using liposuction as well as non-invasive fat reduction treatments such as Liposonix and Cool Sculpting. ...  read more

A quote from our MOHS patient today:

My first Mohs patient of the morning told me about this amazing  book he had just read; “The Craftsman” by Richard Sennett.   Upon removing his first layer of tissue and waiting for it to process, I took the opportunity to google this auther and further found this review; (The New York Times Book Review...  read more


Dear Dr. Reichel; I'm actually not a U.S. citizen, but I do travel to the U.S. sometimes. I hope you can provide with some information about your KTP-laser. I suffer from a lot of fine red vessels on my legs, which actually appeared after sclerotherapy (matting). Unfortunately, they appear all over my legs and they...  read more

Is a Liquid Lift Right For You?

When injectables and fillers were first introduced, they pretty much served one purpose: to fill wrinkles. Over time, and with off-label experimentation, their use has become more widespread as the effects of volume loss are a constant complaint. Today, the "Liquid Lift"—the use of fillers to give a more lifted and youthful look to the...  read more

Kim Kardashian Loves Lasers and Here's Why!

Posted Thursday, July 12, 2012 by Anna Jimenez, Senior Interactive Editor Yes, it's true. Kim Kardashian has gorgeous skin. Being that she is 31 and has a seemingly limitless amount of resources to keep her face a flawless canvas, no one should be surprised by this fact. But that doesn't mean we don't want to...  read more

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