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Stress Really Does Age You, Study Finds Posted Friday, February 24, 2012 by NewBeauty Staff One of the most important factors in keeping your skin looking young and vibrant is good cellular health. Boosting or maintaining a healthy rate of cell turnover can mean the difference between dewy, fresh skin or a complexion that's clogged...  read more

BB Creams..The new rage

Spring Into Beauty   The famous Punxsutawney Phil groundhog may be predicting 6 more weeks of winter but it’s never too early to start preparing your skin for those sunny warmer months. Winter takes a toll on everyone’s skin. To achieve that fresh spring look you will need to start adjusting your skincare routine now...  read more

Don't Let Jowls Drag You Down Around your 40s, you may start to notice the development of one of the most dreaded signs of aging: jowls. That sagging skin that begins to form along your jawline is caused by a loss of facial volume. If you have a fuller face, it may take longer for...  read more

Even with Seattle's "Not-so-Sunny" Disposition,You Still Need to Prevent Sun Damage

Sun Damage: What to Teach Your Daughter Now Posted Tuesday, January 31, 2012 by Shellie Terry Benson, Editor How much would you love to turn back the clock and undo all that sun damage you exposed yourself to? It might be too late for you, but it's not too late for your children. While wrinkles...  read more

Liposuction Seattle

Dear Dr. Reichel: I am a student in college who is going into music performance. Because of this, I have to maintain a very fit body. In the past year, I have lost 15 pounds, putting me at 114 lbs at 5'4". However, I cannot seem to lose the fat around my inner thighs and...  read more

CO2 Laser in Seattle

Hello Dr Reichel, I am a 52 year old female living in Vancouver b.c. I am interested in the active co2 laser for my entire face. Could you please advise me of the amount of visits this would require as well as the price for the procedure. Thank you.. Again thank you for your question.You...  read more

How to get Red Carpet Ready Skin

The Oscars are one of Hollywood’s biggest nights. Celebrities spend countless hours preparing for the long walk down the red carpet of the Kodak Theater with the hope of achieving glowing skin, flawless make-up, and rave reviews for their look.   To the average person it may seem like a lot of work but getting...  read more

Obagi named "Best Skincare System" sold in Doctor's Office

Liposuction in Seattle for thighs

Dear Dr. Reichel Hello, With liposuction, on the thighs, (I have issues from knees up, front and back) I'd like to know a realistic time frame to be to where you could wear a swim suit and swim (exposure to sun) without anything being noticeable. Is it 3-4 months? Also would I need to stay...  read more

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