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I want to get rid of the bump on my nose!

Hi,  I have wanted to get a nose job since I can remember the bump appearing right in the middle of my nose! I read on a blog that you can have a non surgical nose job. I also read that it can be done for very little cost. I am a collage student and...  read more

I would like to know what can be done about my leg veins

Dear Dr. Reichel Q: I have had spider veins on my legs for years and am very self-conscious about them.  I would like to know what the recovery time is after treatment and how long I have to wait before exercising again.  Do I need to wear a special garment or tights?  What can I...  read more

Want beautiful skin? We have the answer....Clarisonic!

FACE My Path to Perfect Skin It had been months since I could remember when my skin looked glowing and even. My skin was red, blotchy, oily in places yet super dry in others. Every day that I looked in the mirror I was... READ MORE

Is CO2 the best laser to remove wrinkles around my eyes?

Dear Dr. Reichel, I am not happy about the wrinkles around my eyes.  I am very interested in the fractional CO2, but would like to know how much it would cost, and more importantly, what would I be getting myself into as far as downtime after the procedure? Dear Katie,   Thank you for your...  read more

How Do You Handle Spots?

Question From D in Seattle:   My husband has 2 spots, one on his chest and another on his back. The one on his chest has gotten worse and is starting to bleed. We feel they both need to be removed. When would be the next available appointment he can get? Thanks   Dear D,...  read more

PDCC Welcomes Fall In the Pacific Northwest

Some of us hope fall is far away since our summer seemed so short, but we are happy to see the sunny skies of early September. It has always felt as if fall represents new beginnings probably due to the past memories of starting school or having children that are returning to school. Many of...  read more

Laser hair removal and botox for armpit sweating

Dear Doctor: I have two issues with my underarms; I don't like having to shave my underarm hair and I sweat excessively.  I'd like to have both of these treatments done at the same visit.  Is that possible? Yes you can do the laser hair removal in the same time period as botox for sweating,...  read more

Botox for wrinkles on the nose and between the eyebrows

Dear Dr. Reichel:  I have recently noticed these "lines" on either side of my nose that I used to think were cute, but now do not seem to go away.  I've also been told by my friends that the line in between my eyes makes me look angry.  Is Botox the right treatment to use for...  read more

I believe I have cherry angiomas, do you treat these?

Question: Hi, Can you explain what these tiny red dots on my skin are? Are they cherry angiomas? If so, how would you treat them and how much do you charge, at least a ballpark figure?  Dear VN, Thank you for your question. We do treat cherry angiomas. Cherry angiomas are little red spots on...  read more

I am very interested in a "non-surgical" nose job, can you help me?

I wanted to know how much it would cost to get a non surgical nose filler and if its safe and how many procedures have performed similar to mine thanks! Thank you for your question.  I do perform non-surgical nose filler. I love doing them. I have some before and after photos – on Realself, and...  read more

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