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NewSurg-KTP Laser Treatment Addresses Multiple Problems

KTP laser treatment Seattle WA

At Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, we are interested in the latest technologies that have demonstrated outstanding safety and efficacy in the treatment of medical and cosmetic dermatologic concerns. We are pleased to offer NewSurg-KTP laser treatments to patients of our Seattle office, and want to discuss here what this modality is used for and what...  read more

Going Above And Beyond For Your Skin May Be Easier Than You Think

Skin Cancer Renton, WA

When people talk about their skin, there are a few usual topics. We hear concerns related to aging. Some patients need to discuss ways to control acne or a chronic skin condition. At times, the topic of discussion turns toward skin cancer prevention. These are all important matters, but what we want to discuss today...  read more

November 2017 Specials and Events

November 2017 Specials and Events are here. Vote for your most loved injector! Nominate Dr. Reichel or your favorite PD&CC injector BEFORE November 10th and enter a change to win $500 toward a treatment! Plus, "tis the season" for savings: November & December 20% OFF our Obagi prescription product line with the purchase of any...  read more

How Fractional CO2 Resurfacing Can Restore Your Skin

CO2 Resurfacing Laser Renton, WA

Most of the men and women who visit us put significant effort into maintaining the beauty of their skin. We see this effort in the form of daily care, sun protection, and even an interest in cosmetic interventions such as injectables. These are all beneficial steps in prolonging the appearance of youth, but there’s more....  read more

October 2017 Specials and Events

October 2017 Specials and Events are here. Don't miss our event of the season... Evening of Beauty! Northgate location only. Thursday, November 2nd, 4:30-7:30pm. Event highlights include raffles and prizes, live demonstrations, light appetizers & bubbles, and learn from our laser & product reps. Plus, the more, the merrier: bring a new friend, receive a...  read more

Liposuction’s Long List of Treatment Areas

Liposuction Seattle, WA

Liposuction has one of the longest runs in the history of cosmetic surgery. This procedure has been performed and refined since the mid-70s and continues to be one of the leading cosmetic procedures today. The manual extraction of unwanted fat is appealing to men and women who want to enjoy better contouring in one or...  read more

September 2017 Specials and Events

September 2017 Specials and Events are here. Fantastic Fall Savings in September! Fall filler day with Dr. Reichel and Ashley on October 20th, get more on Mondays with Mary and Sue, plus featuring Infini and Deirdre's journey. AND, 15% OFF all Obagi products this month! Learn more by reading through our specials or contact us...  read more

Is Sculptra the Filler You’ve Been Waiting For?

Sculptra Aesthetic WA

It seems as though we hear of new and exciting filler products gaining FDA approval every year or two. One could get swept up in this sea of fillers and quickly lose their way as they attempt to determine which treatment or treatments are right for them. Sculptra is not new. It was approved by...  read more

August 2017 Specials and Events

August 2017 Specials and Events are here. Back to School, Back to Work! 3 steps to get your student's skin ready for class, plus specials on Kybella, Cellfina, Sculptra, Skintyte, and Ultherapy. And, a new series -- Jeff gets filler for the FIRST time! Learn more by reading through our specials or contact us at...  read more

3 Summer Skin Care Tips from Dr. Jacobson

Medical Dermatology WA

Summertime is finally upon folks and us across the Pacific Northwest are taking advantage of sunnier days and warmer temperatures. This can mean a lot of great memories, a glowing tan, and, we hate to say it, long term UV damage. The UV rays that are absorbed into your skin have a powerful effect. These...  read more

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