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Can you help puffy, baggy eyes?

Q: My concerns are puffy eyes and bags under the eyes. What's a very good eye serums for my concerns? I've tried a lot of eye products high end to drugstore. Can you give me advice about considering a medical eye lift? Dr. Reichel: Most of the over-the-counter eye creams and serums are able to...  read more

What kind of sedation do you use for liposuction?

Dr. Reichel replies: I use minimal or moderate “twilight” sedation. This means that my patients are awake and able to talk to me during their liposuction procedure. Being a Mohs micrographic surgeon, my post-dermatology training was in surgically removing skin cancers on patients who are awake. Having the training and patience to perform surgical procedures...  read more

What is liposculpture?

Liposculpture is liposuction. They are really synonymous. However, some experts use the term "liposculpture" when they are treating smaller areas of fat such as on the neck, or the knees. Or they use “liposculpture” when talking about "sculpting" areas on individuals that have only minimal fatty deposits, such as a young athletic female that has...  read more

What is tumescent liposuction and do you use it?

Tumescent liposuction was developed by a dermatologist, Dr. Jeffrey Klein, in the mid-1980s. It means to use a large amount of very dilute anesthetic to tumesce, or swell, the fatty tissues. It allows for removal of fat cells while patients are awake, and it greatly decreases the amount of bleeding and complications. Currently, almost all...  read more

CO2 Laser Treatment for Acne Scarring

Q: I am interested in Fractional CO2 Laser treatment for my acne scars on my cheeks and chin. I would love more information, pricing and to find out about scheduling a consultation. I am likely to be a candidate for 1-2 treatments I presume. Dr. Reichel Answers: I would love to see you in consultation...  read more

Provider Tidbits

We once again welcome Dr. Laurie Jacobson who has now been with us here at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center for almost six months. She brings with her specialized expertise in cosmetic dermatology as well as skin cancer detection and treatment, including Mohs surgery. She trained with Dr. Roy Geronemus in Manhattan who pioneered skin...  read more

Are injections for wrinkles safe for everyone?

Q: I am interested in getting injections to smooth out some wrinkles. I'm a woman of color and wonder if it is safe. Also, what is the cost? A: Yes it is safe to receive injections for lines and wrinkles even if you have darker skin tones. Although some lasers are not safe on darker...  read more

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a broad category that refers to any surgical procedures that are done for cosmetic reasons. Doctors that do cosmetic surgery can come from many different fields of medicine. Most "cosmetic surgeons" are plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, procedural dermatologists, or oculo-plastic surgeons. There is not a board certification for "Cosmetic Surgery" so check with the...  read more

How Much Does Botox for Excessive Sweating Cost?

Q: I am considering getting Botox injections in my underarms for hyperhidrosis. I have tried the prescription strength deodorants but they have made little to no difference. I do not believe my insurance covers Botox injections so I was wondering if I could get a general price range so I can decide if Botox injections...  read more

Are Wrinkles Around My Mouth Treatable?

Q: Is there a successful treatment for perioral wrinkles? I'm 46 years old and the collagen between my mouth and nose has diminished and now I have these wrinkles that are especially visible when I talk and chew.  A: A great treatment option for perioral wrinkles is the CO2 laser.  We offer free cosmetic consultations...  read more

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