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Summer is Coming, is your Skin Care Routine Ready?

As summer approaches, many people are thinking about body and skin enhancing treatments that will help them look at feel their best. At Pacific Dermatology, we say Spring is the best time to start thinking about your dermatologic needs and how they may change as the weather heats up. Your skin's needs actually change with...  read more

Skin cancer screenings are one of the most important reasons to visit your dermatologist

Skin Cancer Screening

By Dr. Laurie Jacobson Skin cancer screenings are one of the most important reasons to visit your dermatologist.  Why is doing this on an annual basis so important? The vast majority of skin cancers are treatable, especially when caught early.  There are over 3 million new cases of skin cancer treated in the US each...  read more

May 2016 Specials and Events

May 2016 Specials and Events are here. Join Us for an Evening of Beauty! Come celebrate a night of Beauty with PD&CC with wine, bubbles, and light bites. Botox at $10/unit with a 25 unit minimum. May is skin cancer awareness month. All sunscreens 15% off in May! Learn more by reading through our specials,...  read more

Phototherapy an Ideal Treatment for Some Cases of Psoriasis

  The chronic inflammation and redness of psoriasis can be disruptive to your sense of confidence. The condition is not fully understood, though research has identified it as an autoimmune disorder rather than a clear dermatologic condition. The patches of skin that become noticeable are those on which cellular turnover occurs too quickly. T-cells, in...  read more

April 2016 Specials and Events

As Featured in NEW BEAUTY© MAGAZINE April 2016 Specials and Events are here. Renew You! NEW Treatments. NEW Events. NEW ways to renew your skin and body for SPRING! Specials include Clear+Brillant, Halo, Laser hair removal, vi peels, and Ultherapy. Plus, sign up for events on Ultherapy, Obagi, and more. Learn more by reading through our...  read more

Plan Ahead To Look Your Best For Weddings, Reunions & The Beach

By Cheryl Wells If you are planning a little spruce up for a Spring or Summer event like a wedding or high school reunion, NOW is the time to start planning! While many of the most modern procedures don’t have any “down time” where you’re hiding behind big sunglasses, they do take some time to...  read more

Welcoming Spring

by Ashley Miguel, PA-C The signs of Spring are appearing all around us! Days are growing longer, winter frost has disappeared, flowers are blooming everywhere, and we are seeing the sun more and more. These signs signal it’s time to shed the old and embrace the new! Why not start with your skin care routine?...  read more

Mohs Surgery an Innovative Approach to Skin Cancer

In recent years, we have been encouraged to learn more about protecting ourselves from skin cancer. The various forms of this condition pose a serious threat to health and wellness. However, innovative treatment options have emerged, one of them touted for its high success rate at removing basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas. We are...  read more

Introduction to Dermatoscopy


by Ashley Miguel, PA-C After spending the past six months all bundled up, it makes sense to start a new season by having a full body skin exam. Many of us have a number of questionable skin growths that may have changed unnoticed over the winter months. At PD&CC Renton clinic, Dr. Erica Linnell and...  read more

Liposuction 101

Liposuction can help you slim down, eliminate extra fat, and look your best. Find out more about this popular procedure so that you can decide whether or not it is right for you. What happens during liposuction? Liposuction is used to eliminate stubborn fat on many different areas of the body. During the procedure, a...  read more

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