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Is This your Answer for Younger Looking Skin?

Ask any skin care expert how to keep your skin looking young, and the first answer you will hear is "use sunscreen - every day! Since we know this, we are going to move on to the next best thing you can do for your skin as you age. Any man or woman who consults...  read more

January 2017 Specials and Events

January 2017 Specials and Events are here. New Years Resolution: How to be your best self! New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be about gym memberships. Being your best self can mean many things. Restylane Filler Specials in January! Buy one get one 1/2 off, Buy two get one FREE. Learn more by reading through...  read more

Bring on the Holiday Season!

As we make our way fully into this holiday season, we want to extend warm wishes to all of our patients. There is so much going on during the month of December that we may inadvertently be more than a little unkind to our skin. Making changes to your skin care routine to adapt to...  read more

December 2016 Specials and Events

December 2016 Specials and Events are here. Ideas for Your Holiday Wish List & Gift List... Gift card extravaganza with specials on prices, FREE consultations with Mary, plus specials on Clarisonic, Vitalize Peel, Kybella, Latisse, Laser Hair Removal, and SkinTyte. Learn more by reading through our specials or contact us at 206-859-5777 or via our...  read more

Don't Fall for the Idea that your Skin is Safe this Season!

Oh, how we love Fall! It's the time of hoodies and vibrant colors and Pumpkin Spice Lattes galore! While we get carried away jumping in piles of leaves and choosing the biggest pumpkin for our front yard, we can easily forget that the change in weather means that we should revisit how we are caring...  read more

Get Holiday Ready! Top 10 Treatments

Get Holiday Ready! Top 10 Treatments to get you ready in time... put these on your list! 1.) Liquid Facelift, 2.) Latisse, 3.) Ultherapy, 4.) CO2 Laser, 5.) Less Invasive Laser, 6.) Kybella, 7.) Hyperhidrosis Treatment, 8.) Laser Hair Removal, 9.) Liposonix, 10.) Liposuction... Learn more and read about how each of these can help...  read more

November 2016 Specials and Events

November 2016 Specials and Events are here. Special filler day with Dr. Reichel for eyes, cheeks, lips, and more! Don't miss our last Evening of Beauty on December 1st. Use our free Ultherapy simulation tool. Plus, buy 2 treaments of Kybella and get one free. Learn more by reading through our specials, contact us, or...  read more

Let's Tackle Adult Acne Together!

If acne was a normal part of your teenage years, you may have patiently waited for adulthood with the unspoken belief that, once hormones settled in and the stress of high school was over, your skin would miraculously become "adult-like," as well. Who wouldn't want this? We don't want to bring our childhood into our...  read more

October 2016 Events and Specials

October 2016 Specials and Events are here. Save the Date for our Evening of Beauty on Thursday, November 3rd in Northgate and Thursday, Dec 1st in Renton. Get Botox at $10/unit, plus 15% OFF all retail products. From head to toe, get holiday ready! Read about our top 10 treatments. Learn more by reading through...  read more

Tips for Managing Acne-prone Skin

Acne can be a stubborn problem that feels impossible to resolve. The team at Pacific Dermatology offers patients from Seattle, Renton, and surrounding area the treatment options they need to feel better about their skin. Here, we will look at some of the top ways to manage skin that is prone to breakouts. Don't wait...  read more

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