Botox for Teeth Grinding

Will Botox for jaw reudction help with teeth grinding?



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This is a very good question.
There is evidence that botox injections into the muscles used to cause teeth grinding (the Masseter and possibly Temporalis muscles) can help with this condition. In 2012, there was a small study done that involved 23 patients. The patients with nighttime teeth grinding, or nocturnal bruxism, who were given Botox injections reported greater improvement in their condition compared to those given a placebo. The findings suggest Botox could be used to treat nighttime teeth grinding, a common condition for which there is no established treatment. Although dental guards are used to prevent damage to teeth, they do not prevent the grinding itself.
In the study, 23 patients with nocturnal bruxism were randomly assigned to receive a Botox injection or a placebo injection. To be included in the study, patients were tested in an overnight sleep study to confirm they had nocturnal bruxism. Thirteen people received botox in the temple and jaw, and 10 received the placebo. Four weeks later, participants rated the severity of their condition – whether they felt better, worse or about the same as before the study. The ones who received botox felt significantly better.

So, YES, botox injections in the jaw and temple muscles may improve teeth grinding.
But, botox injections into the jaw muscle are also used to lengthen and thin a very round face. It can look really nice on certain patients. I have patients that come to me for this treatment. If you already have a longer face, then botox in the jaw muscle might not be the right treatment for you. Please call our office at 206.859.5777 to schedule a consultation.

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