Bring on the Holiday Season!

holiday glowAs we make our way fully into this holiday season, we want to extend warm wishes to all of our patients. There is so much going on during the month of December that we may inadvertently be more than a little unkind to our skin. Making changes to your skin care routine to adapt to the colder temperatures is one measure we're sure you've already taken. Did you know, though, that all those holiday treats you are presented with could potentially harm your skin? On the flip side, there are foods we love to savor during the holidays that give skin a boost. Here, we will look at both.

Harmful Holiday Fare

It's not so much certain foods that could harm your skin, but ingredients in some of the common foods in which you may indulge. Our best recommendation is to watch what you eat and minimize the following foods to maintain a healthy glow.

  • Salt. Salt is a sneaky ingredient. You may not be one to load your morning eggs with this seasoning. However, if you rely on fast food to get you through your evening shopping excursions, you are more than likely getting more salt that you need. Too much salt can lead to puffiness in the face.
  • Sugar. You are probably well aware of several reasons you want to cut back on sugar. We're going to give you another . . . Refined sugar weakens collagen fibers that keep the skin firm and supple.
  • Alcohol. Because alcohol quickly leads to dehydration, there is a correlation between a few extra cocktails and dull, dry skin. Alcoholic beverages can also cause the skin on the nose and cheeks to look flushed.

Load up on . . .

  • Coffee! Several internet websites tout the use of coffee grinds to minimize under eye puffiness. That's not what we're talking about. One of the most significant findings about caffeinated coffee has been that certain components in this beverage bring about a reduced risk for nonmelanoma skin cancers. This risk dives by 10% with just one cup.
  • Pumpkin. Of the various holiday foods we love, pumpkin has got to be the one that is filled to the brim with goodness. The vitamin C in this fruit fights premature aging by sending antioxidant power to combat free radicals. The carotinoids that bring out the brightness in pumpkin relieve the skin of UV damage.

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