Can facial redness ever go away?

Dear Doctor Reichel, I have red cheeks and get embarrassed by them.  I was told I have rosacea.  I've tried some creams but they don't seem to work very well.  My cheeks are worse right now with this cold weather and they often feel  like they're "burning".  What can I do?  Linda J.

Dear LJ,

It sounds like you may have rosacea.  If you get acne like bumps along with the redness, then an oral medication may be helpful.  For the redness, the best option is going to be a combination of vascular laser treatments.  We have 3 lasers that treat facial redness; an intense pulse light, the Aura KTP laser, and the V-Beam pulsed dye laser.  It usually takes a series of treatments-so remember that the redness doesn't usually go away after just one.

For anyone with facial redness, it is best to come in for a consulation.  If you have insurance, it should cover your initial evaluation.

For skin care products, Skin Medica now has a new redness relief cream called REDNESS RELIEF CALMPLEX.  It contains the first and only ingredient proven to affect visible redness by inhibiting release of prostaglandins (which cause vessel dilation).  You  use it twice a day as your moisturizer.  I have been using it myself, and love it!  It is dispensed out of doctors offices and is great to use as a maintenance after you have had your redness laser treatments.

Thanks for your question, Dr. Jennifer Reichel

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