Can you do a virtual consultation?

Dear Doctor:  I am interested in facial fat grafting and have done plenty of research.  I know that I do not want to have it done in my town;  I was wondering if you did virtual consultations?

A: Thank you for your email.  Facial fat grafting--or fat transfer--is somewhat like a mini liposuction.  I love doing this procedure because I feel it is the most natural and best looking of all filler agents.  When the fat is harvested, it can be stored in a special freezer system for up to two years and can do anywhere from 2 to 6 treatments in that time period.  I have found that most people need at least 3 treatments to maintain the fat long term.  While I haven't done a virtual consultation yet, it would certainly be easy to do with Skype.  I would be happy to try this out with you as it's a great idea.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Jennifer Reichel, Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center in Seattle

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