Can You Fix Old Piercing Holes?

Q: I'm interested in correcting a piercing hole I have from a previous belly button ring. It's a completely healed hole similar to ones in women's ears. I just want the hole closed up so it's not as visible. I realize this is probably considered a "cosmetic" procedure so I was hoping to get an estimate on price.

A: Yes we could do the procedure here. It would be an office surgery that would probably take about 45 minutes total time for you. We would remove the "tube" of skin around the piercing, and suture both sides. These would stay in for 10 to 14 days. You would have a little scar, but the hole would be gone. You’re correct in surmising this would be cosmetic, a treatment insurance would not pay for. The cost for this procedure is between $400 and $600.

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