Can you tell me if Ultherapy will work under my eyes?

Question: I have fine lines and loose skin under my eyes. Will Ultherapy help with this?
A: Ultherapy is a relatively new skin tightening device that has FDA approval for tightening and lifting facial skin. It uses ultrasound waves to target the tissues underlying the top surface of the skin to cause small areas of tissue damage that then results in collagen formation, new tissue remodeling and ultimately, tightening and lifting. The company recently added a new hand-piece (called a transducer), that has a depth of only 1.5 mm. Along with the other handpieces, this one can now be used under the eyes to tighten and smooth skin.
Since it is very new, we are really in the early stages of seeing how much true visible changes it makes under the eyes. We know that Ultherapy can be used to lift eyebrows and to tighten the jawline and plump cheeks. We have treated about 30 patients under the eyes over the last 3 months and are awaiting results. I do see where it may be necessary to do more than one treatment (perhaps 4-6 months apart) under the eyes. I suggest, when treating the upper face, that patients go for the full upper face treatment - as that will make the most difference overall. I am excited about this technology and would love to see you for a consultation.
Thanks. Dr Reichel.

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