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Put Some Life Back Into Your Eyes

We are told that the eyes sparkle and shine. This may be the expectation, but if the skin around the eyes has become thin and loose, this area of our face could be what ages us the most. It is impossible to avoid the changes that affect the skin around the eyes. As we age, this area may require a bit more TLC to maintain a youthful, energetic appearance. If you need a little help putting some life back into your eyes, we have solutions. 

What Happens to the Eyes?

The eyes can change in a few common ways as the structure of the skin degrades. Common concerns include:

  • Puffy lower eyelids. Often referred to as under eye bags, puffiness can develop when the skin loses firmness. Tissue firmness is necessary for superficial fat pads to receive support. Without that, fat protrudes. The Solution: Under eye puffiness may be disguised by inserting dermal fillers or performing fat injections into the crease where the lower eyelids meet the cheeks. For more severe puffiness or longer-lasting results, some patients consider blepharoplasty.
  • Upper eyelid heaviness. As the skin on the upper eyelids gets thinner, this part of the eye can look heavier. The natural crease may become obscured due to the laxity of the upper eyelid. This is the result of collagen loss. An additional factor in the heaviness of the upper eyelid is the position of the brow line. The Solution: Upper eyelid contouring may be refined through blepharoplasty. To reduce the descent of the eyebrows, we may suggest Botox injections. 
  • Crepe-paper skin. It is natural for the skin to thin as we age because it has less and less collagen to firm it. The Solution: To prevent or correct crepe-paper skin, it is helpful to stimulate ongoing collagen production. The body doesn’t do this on its own, so we may help things along via laser treatments or other energy-based modalities that cause collagen remodeling through controlled tissue heating. 

We are proud to be at the forefront of innovative dermatological treatments. To explore the ways we can rejuvenate your eyes, call 206-859-5777 and schedule a visit to our Renton or Seattle office. 

Do Your Eyes Need Some Life Put Back in Them?

Under Eye Treatments  Seattle WAOur eyes sparkle and shine; at least they should. What can happen with age and genetic predisposition is that the skin around the eyes becomes increasingly drab, loose, and thin. We cannot avoid these changes, but we can treat them. The sooner that the skin around the eyes gets routine TLC in the form of high-quality skin care, the longer it can sustain its form. When a little help is needed, we have solutions.

What happens to the eyes?

There are a few common concerns that arise as the condition of the skin around the eyes declines.

  • Upper eyelids get heavy. The skin here doesn’t get heavier, but it sure looks like it. The reason that skin may overtake the upper crease of the eye is that it simply gets lax due to the sharp decrease in collagen, the skin-firming protein. Another possible reason that the upper eyelid may change is the brow. When the brow is pulled downward, natural force is placed on the skin of the upper eyelid, making it appear loose and saggy. What to do: the upper eyelids can be improved quickly with BOTOX to lift the brow. When skin is excessively loose, though, blepharoplasty may be a wiser approach.
  • The lower lids get puffy. Lower eyelid puffiness, or bags, develop when firmness in superficial tissue diminishes to the point where underlying fat pads are no longer supported. The puffiness that you see is fat protruding forward. What to do: many people with mild to moderate undereye bags turn to dermal fillers or fat injections for cosmetic improvement. Moderate to severe puffiness needs to be treated with blepharoplasty, which carefully excises extra tissue, so support for fatty deposits is restored.
  • Skin looks like crepe-paper. Thinning skin is never a good thing. It is more prone to small injuries, and it also looks fragile. What to do: this is a common concern that can be managed with laser treatments that heat collagen strands for immediate tightening as well as long-term strength.

Several treatments are available in our Renton and Seattle offices to achieve beautiful eyelid rejuvenation. For more information, call 206-859-5777.

Welcome the New Halo Laser!

Welcome the Halo Laser to our Renton Clinic!
Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center is happy to announce the newest arrival to our state-of-art laser suite. 

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Over time, your skin can lose its youthful glow. Halo eliminates years of damage by precisely targeting the right depth. Halo restores the luminous glow you had when you were younger with minimal downtime.

Halo precisely targets years of damage to your skin, including: Discoloration, Sun damage, Visible signs of aging, Uneven skin tone, Enlarged pores, Poor texture, Fine lines, Scar revision 

Everyone's skin is different. Everyone's needs are different. Halo allows Dr. Erica Linnell to customize your treatment to the downtime you have available and the results you want. Need to be back at work tomorrow? A light treatment creates silky smooth, vibrant skin that's ready for makeup the next day. Want to wow them? A more aggressive treatment will give your skin a deep youthful glow with just a few days of downtime. Ask Dr. Linnell today about the Halo Glow.

Filler or Ultherapy for "crow's feet"?

I have had 10 injections of Artefill and I'm not seeing a huge difference. Along with "crow's feet" I am concerned with my lower face. I am wondering if Ulthera may be a better choice for me. - C
Thank you for your inquiry from RealSelf.
First, I am not really a fan of Artefill. The way it is used now is better – but it does have some very real serious reactions that can occur – even years after having the injections. SO – that biases me a bit. Ulthera may be a great choice for you if you are seeing early to “middle” signs of aging. I always tailor my recommendations to each individual based on how their face may be aging and also what their personal concerns are and, of course, the pocket book.
For crow’s feet – the mainstay of treatment is Botox, however, filler (Belotero) and Ultherapy can be used to improve this area as well.
So – the very best thing would be for you to come in for a consultation with me and we can see what will work best for you. Please call 206-859-5777 to schedule a cosmetic consult. Be sure to mention RealSelf and the $80 consult fee is waived.
Thank you again.
Dr Reichel
Jennifer Reichel MD
Director, Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center

11011 Meridian Avenue N Suite 102
Seattle WA 98133
phone: 206-859-5777
fax: 206-859-5776

Which filler treatment for under-eyes?

Hi! I'm 28 with no prior cosmetic treatments, looking for an eye expert. I'm concerned about my tear troughs. Which filler would you use? What is the odds of bruising and for how long does it last? What would the procedure cost in total? Thanks!

Hi N,

Thanks for your inquiry from RealSelf. I would be happy to see you in consultation to look at your under-eyes and decide what is best. To answer your questions, if a filler is what is needed, I use Belotero. I think it is the gold-standard for filler under the eye. Having said that, my absolute favorite for under eye grooves (tear troughs), is to do a fat transfer. Fat looks the most natural and can really add a very nice volume. But, it is much more involved and may not be necessary for a young 28 year old. SO – I like Belotero over Restylane and Juvederm because it is the most pliable of the fillers and can be smoothed in naturally in an area where the skin is thin. There is also a decreased risk of having a blue discoloration.

As far as bruising – it can definitely happen. No matter how experienced the injector is if a blood vessel is broken, there will be a bruise. And, we can’t see all of the blood vessels under the surface. I don’t know the exact percentage of patients that bruise – but I always recommend that you should not do filler right before an important event. Most of the time the bruises are small. I wouldn’t let the possibility of a bruise keep you from treatment though.

Cost – Belotero is $550 per syringe. We would only use one syringe. It should last about 6 to 12 months the first time, and longer the second time that you do it.

Please call 206-859-5777 to schedule an appointment. I can also have my receptionist call you. Remember to mention RealSelf as the consult fee is waived ($80).

Thanks again.

Jennifer Reichel MD
Director, Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center

11011 Meridian Avenue N Suite 102
Seattle WA 98133
phone: 206-859-5777
fax: 206-859-5776

Belotero and Ultherapy treatment

I am interested in Belotero for under eye hollow treatment and also Ultherapy for my face. I live in NM where we have limited options for this kind of treatment. I am in Seattle for several days and want to see about getting both treatments or one. -C

Hi C,

I would be happy to see you for consultation and treatment for Belotero under the eyes, and for Ultherapy. Belotero is by far my favorite filler for under the eyes. It is very pliable and smooth and does a super job of improving dark circles/hollows. I have done hundreds of under-eye treatments with fillers and we are the #1 clinic for use of Belotero in Seattle. As far as downsides – there is a risk for a temporary bruise, and you can get swelling and redness. In very very few of my patients, I have seen persistent swelling (probably from blockage of the lymph drainage). It is super rare – so I would not worry too much. 95% of my patients are really happy with the treatment.

I would also be super happy to see you for Ultherapy. Again, we are the #1 clinic in Washington State for doing Ultherapy. It is a great tightening and lifting procedure. I feel like it turns the clock back almost 5 years. Ultherapy can be uncomfortable, so we recommend that you be prepared to take 800mg of ibuprofen, and I suggest an additional narcotic, such as Vicodin. This means that you cannot drive yourself home right away. Depending on the area that we are treating, it takes about 2 hours to do. My patients are all super happy. We can do both treatments on the same day if you would like.

Please call our clinic to set up a consultation. If you want to send photos, then we could look at them and prepare to do the treatments when you get here since you live in New Mexico. Remember to mention RealSelf when you call so that the $80 consult fee is waived.

I look forward to seeing you.

Jennifer Reichel MD
Director, Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center
Renton, WA and Seattle, WA

Which laser for fine lines around eyes?

Dr. Reichel, do you recommend Fraxel for fine lines around the eyes?

Hi M,
I normally try to steer patients toward CO2 for lines around the eyes - but will sometimes do Fraxel. For fraxel, it takes 4 treatments usually - spaced 4-6 weeks apart. about 3 days of down-time. You have to put in eyeshields (which is part of why I steer them toward CO2 - 1 treatment, but 5-7 days downtime). The cost is $500 per treatment.
You can also do chemical peels for fine lines - 30% TCA (can't do upper lid) - stronger and will have 5-7 days of raw skin. or a series of Vitalize peels. With those, I would recommend doing the whole face.
I  also recommend Botox - and I do put 1 unit under each eye - along with doing the crows feet. Retin A can also be used under the eyes.

Jennifer Reichel MD
Director, Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center

Dr. Reichel on Belotero filler

Hi, I am interested in Belotero. Can you tell me more about it? -L
Hi L,
Thank you for your inquiry about Belotero. I am not sure what your cosmetic concerns are, but I do inject a lot of Belotero, and I love it. We are the biggest injectors of it in Seattle. I love it for under the eyes and for fine lines on the face. It isn't good for bigger volume loss in my opinion (such as to place in the cheeks, or deep naso-labial folds). However, there are other great fillers for these areas such as Radiesse, Perlane or Juvederm Ultra-plus. There is also a new filler, Voluma, that is approved for injecting into the cheeks (mid-face).
Belotero really improves under-eye circles. We put on topical numbing cream to decrease tenderness during the injections, and then I usually use 1 syringe for both of the eyes. You can have some tenderness, swelling, redness, and possible temporary bruising. I have seen a couple of cases where the swelling lasted for 3-4 weeks, but most patients look great after a few days. Please call us at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center for a consultation. 206-859-5777. Mention RealSelf and the consult fee of $80 is waived.
Thank you for your inquiry.
Dr. Reichel
Jennifer Reichel MD
Director, Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center
11011 Meridian Avenue N Suite 102
Seattle WA 98133
phone: 206-859-5777
fax: 206-859-5776

Eye rejuvenation for dark circles and bags

I have dark circles and some bags under my eyes. I want to request a consult to talk about treatment options.

Thank you




Hi J.

I love to do rejuvenation of the eyes – it is one of my favorite areas to work and an area of expertise. There are several ways to treat the under eye area. I have a page on my website  that you can visit to look at treatments

I would love to see you in consultation. Please call 206-859-5777 to make an appointment. The consultation fee of $80 is waived when you find me on RealSelf.


Thanks. I look forward to seeing you.


Jennifer Reichel MD

Director, Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center

11011 Meridian Ave N Ste 102

Seattle WA, 98133



Neurotoxin Injection Myths

Some wear it like a badge of honor, yet others want to keep it under wraps. Getting neurotoxin injections, like Botox, Dysport and *Xeomin, is a very individual decision that should be made between a doctor and patient, but it seems like everyone is speculating on who's had what done. And with that speculation comes some misinformation. That's why we asked Seattle Dermatologic Surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Reichel, MD, to clear up some of the common myths surrounding this increasingly popular treatment.

“Neurotoxins are the gold-standard treatment for dynamic wrinkles on many areas of the face,” Dr. Reichel says. “They work remarkably well and quite predictably. They are great for the forehead wrinkles, wrinkles between the eyes and crow's-feet. They also have great utility for jaw line definition, raising the corners of the mouth, neck bands, bunny lines and much more.”

Of course, one of the main concerns is that the face will become frozen and unable to create expressions, due to the fact that the neurotoxins actually demobilize the muscles that make the expressions that lead to wrinkle formation.

“If the neurotoxins are administered properly one should be able to maintain outstanding ability to animate and look great at the same time,” Dr. Reichel says.

After injections, many patients fear they will swell up, but Dr. Reichel explains that swelling is not typically a side effect of neurotoxins. “Generally within 10 to 15 minutes of administration, the majority of people look like they didn't do anything,” she says.

Patients will begin to see results in as early as three days, but will have to wait two weeks to see full results. And those results should be undetectable to others. “I have many patients, men and woman, whose spouses and significant others are convinced that their loved one is naturally beautiful and has never had a neurotoxin-and they have,” Dr. Reichel says. “It is our little secret.”

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