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Tightening, firming and lifting with Thermage!

Thermage procedures help smooth, tighten and deep contour skin for an overall younger looking appearance without surgery or injections.  There is little to no downtime after treatment allowing you to quickly get back to your normal routine.  Thermage procedures work on all skin types and colors; it's safe to use year round, you do not have to avoid the sun as with other laser treatments.  Many patients have seen flatter, smoother skin on the tummy, legs, knees, buttocks and arms.  You will notice softened wrinkles above the knees and a reduction of crepey skin.  The effects of a Thermage treatment continue to improve for up to six months following a single treatment.

Fraxel on Good Morning America Health

  During the *online segment of ABC's Good Morning America Health, Dr. Cameron Rokhsar features Fraxel as an excellent treatment allowing patients to look younger in as quickly as 15 minutes, as well as reverse sun damage, scaring, melasma and diminish wrinkles. Watch as he explains how Fraxel, unlike other laser systems, resurfaces skin effectively, reducing average recovery time to only two to three days!

 Click here to view the segment.

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I'm researching lasers to treat my Rhinophyma

Q:  I have Rosacea, and have been taking Oracea and using topical treatments regularly, which helps some; however, my nose is no longer my friend.  I have always had a bulbous shaped nose, and now it seems as though it's a different size every day.  I have been researching the use of the CO2 laser in early Rhinophyma, which is what I suspect is happening.  I am looking for someone with excellent skills to consult about this and have read some great reviews about you Dr. Reichel, can you help me?

A:  Thank you for your email.  I have treated many patients with rosacea and Rhinophyma (both early stage and late stage).  I agree that the CO2 laser works great for this and may be exactly what you need.  I love our CO2 (Lumenis, Total FX).  It is made by the first company to make a CO2 laser, and, in my opinion, it offers the most versatility of all fractional CO2 lasers as it allows for superficial, deep , and total treatment depending on what the patient needs.

I would be happy to see you in consultation to talk about your condition. Meanwhile - stay on the oral and topical medications. 

Dr. Jennifer Reichel

How Do I Correct Stretch Marks?

Q:  I am 24 years old, and have suffered from stretch marks since puberty.  Unfortunately, at the time, options for removing fresh "red" stretch marks were not readily available.  I have seen ablative lasers used on older "silver" stretch marks to help blend and improve their appearance and texture.  Is this something your clinic is able to offer? 

Dr. Reichel:  Stretch marks are easiest to treat when they are still new and red in color.  However, there are some resurfacing lasers that can improve texture and help to blend older stretch marks.  We have had good luck in some patients with the Fraxel Restore Laser.  What I recommend is that we perform a series of "test" patch treatments with the Fraxel laser in and area where the stretch marks are the worst.  We repeat the test treatments a total of 2-4 times, 4-6 weeks between each treatment; I like to perform these tests for two reasons.

1.  We want to determine efficacy in the individual patient.  I have found that while we can achieve some improvement in all patients, the percent of improvement varies and I certainly want to make sure this treatment works for you before you invest the money.

2.  We want to be sure that you do no have any adverse reactions.  In some patients, the Fraxel laser can cause a redish-brown discoloration to the skin.  Although this fades over time, it can be very noticeable for many months.  With the test treatments, we can determine if this discoloration is going to happen with your skin.

Are Wrinkles Around My Mouth Treatable?

Q: Is there a successful treatment for perioral wrinkles? I'm 46 years old and the collagen between my mouth and nose has diminished and now I have these wrinkles that are especially visible when I talk and chew. 

A: A great treatment option for perioral wrinkles is the CO2 laser.  We offer free cosmetic consultations to discuss the best course of treatment for you.  Give our office a call at your convenience 206-859-5777.

Is There Help for Acne Scarring?

Q: I have some acne scarring on my face and legs and was wondering if I would be a good candidate for CO2 laser. I was also wondering about what the costs of such a procedure would typically cost, and if multiple sessions were required in order to see results.

A: We use both Fraxel and Fractional CO2 (the Lumines Total FX) for acne scarring of the face and have seen very good results. Which laser we choose depends on your condition and skin type. At your consultation, we will also talk about whether you still have ongoing acne – as we would want to treat that first. The cost of lasers for acne scarring is about $3000 to $4000. For the CO2, some patients do need a second treatment. This would be at a reduced charge, and is not done until about six months after the first treatment.

For legs, the CO2 is probably too strong, but we could evaluate your legs to see if you are a candidate for the Fraxel. There are some other options for scarring on the legs. Please call 206-859-5777 to make a cosmetic consultation appointment. There is no charge for cosmetic consultations.

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