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How to Best Tackle That Double-Chin

We call it submental fullness. Up until a few years ago, this very common condition was known simply as a double-chin. The reason we now have more language to discuss this problem is because we now also have a few potential solutions for it. Here, we discuss how Kybella stacks up against liposuction of the neck and chin areas. You might be surprised about what you learn. 

What is Kybella?

Most people know what liposuction is and what it does. Just in case you’re not familiar with this plastic surgery procedure, we’ll do a brief review. Liposuction is a minimally-invasive procedure that, for the neck and chin, is performed in the office. Patients receive a local anesthetic that completely numbs that surgical site so they are comfortable for the duration of their sculpting treatment. Liposuction involves the insertion of a narrow, hollow cannula into adipose tissue. Gentle suction extracts excess fat to achieve better facial contours. Now, what is Kybella?

Kybella is a relatively new treatment in the U.S. It has been around since 2015. This treatment is non-surgical but not non-invasive. To reduce submental fullness, Kybella requires multiple injections across the upper neck and chin. Topical anesthetic helps control comfort during the injection process. The way that it works is by dismantling the membranes of fat cells. The damaged fat cells are naturally eliminated by the body’s immune system. 

Kybella vs. Liposuction


It is natural for patients to assume that a non-surgical treatment will cost less than surgery, even liposuction. This isn’t always the case. When it comes to treating a double-chin with Kybella, patients should expect to need at least 2 rounds of injections. Liposuction is once-and-done, so patients know their total cost up front. Depending on the extent of reduction desired and the body’s response to Kybella, this treatment could end up costing as much as or more than neck liposuction. 


As most patients expect, liposuction does have a short recovery period. Generally, patients are ready to return to work 3 to 4 days after their outpatient procedure. Until then, they may notice swelling and bruising beneath the chin. After Kybella, patients can expect noticeable swelling. It isn’t swelling so much as it is the infusion of fluid into the intercellular space. Kybella places deoxycholic acid near unwanted fat cells and this fluid takes some time to absorb. Until then, the neck may feel “squishy.” Minor redness and bruising may also occur. These side effects are minor and do not impede a person’s ability to go about their day, but many patients choose to take a few days off to allow the cosmetic side effects to fade. 

Both Kybella and neck liposuction achieve outstanding results that can last indefinitely. After each of these treatments, results can improve over several weeks; and improvement is the ultimate end-game. 

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Are You Considering Kybella? Here are a Few Things You Should Know!

Everyone expects their face to change as they age. We know we will see an increasing number of lines and creases and may develop jowls at some point. Still, these changes are not easy to accept. Some may appear far sooner than we had imagined. A double-chin is a prime example. This common cosmetic concern can affect people of all ages and worsen as the skin loses elasticity and firmness. At Pacific Dermatology in Seattle and Renton, we help people get rid of stubborn submental fullness using Kybella.

Here, we discuss what you should know as you explore this double-chin treatment option.

  1. Kybella is the first FDA-approved injectable for fat reduction.

Historically, people who wanted to get rid of excess fat beneath the chin had one choice: surgery. Chin liposuction is still an option and one that may be ideal for some people. However, the vast majority of consumers these days prefer nonsurgical treatments. Kybella is a convenient treatment protocol that does not require downtime or anesthesia. A topical anesthetic is applied before injections, and patients tolerate the procedure just fine. The injections take only about 15 minutes once the skin is numb.

  1. Kybella is natural.

Being an FDA-approved medicine, Kybella can be trusted as reputable and safe. Still, patients appreciate learning that the ingredient in Kybella, deoxycholic acid, is naturally occurring. The body produces deoxycholic acid to dismantle dietary fat in the digestive tract. Scientists worked with the function of deoxycholic acid and harnessed its power for targeted fat reduction.

  1. Kybella permanently destroys fat cells.

Kybella injections may work even better than losing weight. When we lose weight, our fat cells shrink. When we inject Kybella under the chin, the deoxycholic acid destroys targeted cells. This results-driven treatment gradually decreases the number of fat cells in the target area, which means submental fulness should not return.

Permanent fat reduction results from multiple sessions.

People with very mild submental fulness may achieve satisfactory results from one Kybella session. Most people need three to four sessions to achieve their desired degree of permanent fat reduction. The improvement becomes increasingly visible after every round of injections. Sessions are scheduled several weeks apart.

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Double Chin Problems: What’s the Right Solution?

There is merit to the idea that eating well and exercising regularly can help us maintain a satisfying weight and appearance. For the most part, healthy lifestyle habits do support overall wellness. They don’t, however, guarantee that we will look exactly how we’d like. Most people report that, despite their good choices, they have one or more trouble-spots; areas where fat lingers regardless of ideal weight. One such area is the upper neck. Here, excess fat is referred to as submental fullness or a double chin. No matter what we call it, what people want to know is how to get rid of it. We have two options.

Injectable Fat Reduction

Who would have thought we’d ever be at a point in history where we can inject a chemical into an area of unwanted fat and watch it melt away. This is exactly where we’re at, and it’s pretty exciting. Just a few years ago, the United States FDA approved Kybella, a form of deoxycholic acid. This chemical, which the body makes to break down dietary fat, had been previously used in several other countries long before FDA-approval occurred here. Injections into the submental area and upper neck stimulate the breakdown of targeted fat cells, resulting in their natural elimination.

Points to consider: Kybella does not require downtime. However, significant swelling may last 4 or 5 days after injections. Multiple treatments may be needed to fully resolve a double chin. Results can last indefinitely with good weight management.

Liposuction for Double Chin Fat

Liposuction is known for its value in sculpting larger areas of the body. Rarely do we hear about the benefits of neck liposuction, though. This outpatient procedure suctions unwanted fat cells through a small hollow tube, achieving results that may be noticed immediately. The minor procedure may be performed using a local anesthetic and sedative rather than general anesthesia.

Points to consider: Liposuction does require one or more incisions but these are very small and expected to fade to be barely noticeable, if at all. Bruising and swelling may be managed with a dressing and compression strap, which incurs a few days of downtime at home. Within a few days to a week, most patients can return to normal activities. The results of chin liposuction can last indefinitely with good weight management.

Both Kybella and chin liposuction can achieve excellent results. The choice is not about which is best, but which is best for your needs and preferences. To schedule a consultation in our Seattle or Renton office, call 206-859-5777.

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