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Spring Into Beauty   The famous Punxsutawney Phil groundhog may be predicting 6 more weeks of winter but it’s never too early to start preparing your skin for those sunny warmer months. Winter takes a toll on everyone’s skin. To achieve that fresh spring look you will need to start adjusting your skincare routine now to prepare for the change in weather.   We recommend starting with a good exfoliant that contains grainy ingredients such as oatmeal, ground almonds or even sea salt. By removing the dead cells your skin will look smoother, healthier and more radiant. Look for at-home products for your skin type and make sure you use a different exfoliant for your face (ideally with alpha-hydroxy or beta-hydroxy acid) vs. the rest of your body. If you have oily skin we recommend exfoliating several times a week - dry skin only 1-2 times a week and stick with a gentle exfoliant.   We also like Chemical Peels, products such as Skin Medica's Vitalize Peel help fight the effects of time, sun damage, and environmental assaults. This powerful yet non-damaging peel can take years off aging skin. 

With more sun filled hours in the day, Spring is also the time to switch your moisturizer. Heavy moisturizers work well in the winter months to prevent dry, cracked skin. At this time of year you should be looking for one that contains sunscreen (minimum SPF15) to help prevent sun damage and fine lines. We recommend a lighter moisturizer so you can easily apply makeup over it.   Spring is big time of year for special events – Easter, Mother’s Day, communions and graduations. If you are considering having a cosmetic procedure, now is the time to put those plans in motion. Injectables like Botox and Juvederm' have little to no downtime and are an easy way for you to refresh your look for Spring. If you are considering something more invasive such as laser resurfacing you will need to factor in several weeks for the consultation, prep, procedure and recovery time.  As always make sure you see a trained professional before pursuing any aesthetician services, minimally invasive treatments or cosmetic surgery.  Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center is here to design a tailored treatment plan designed specifically for your needs.  Call us today and schedule your consultation, 206.859.5777, we are excited to help you Spring Forward!

How to get Red Carpet Ready Skin

The Oscars are one of Hollywood’s biggest nights. Celebrities spend countless hours preparing for the long walk down the red carpet of the Kodak Theater with the hope of achieving glowing skin, flawless make-up, and rave reviews for their look.   To the average person it may seem like a lot of work but getting that red carpet ready skin (think Gwyneth) is easier than you think. The key is to implement a few things into your normal skincare routine that will enhance your skin's radiance and youthful appearance, and also look healthy, smooth and blemish free. Here are a few tips:  

To get a gorgeous glow: Start by hydrating – lots of water. If you can’t make it to the salon or spa for a facial, look for a facial mask with moisturizing properties. It will minimize the appearance of pores, and give you a glowing complexion. Masks with saffron, aloe vera, and kaolin clay are popular among top celebrities.  

Next exfoliate. A great product to gently exfoliate and keep your skin clean is Clarisonic (Faith Hill is a fan). You can also try a series of chemical peels, we recommend a series of 4-6 treatments to really give your skin that overall glow & refreshed look and feel.

To smooth fine lines: There are several good anti-aging products on the market today to smooth fine lines.  We are big fans of Retin-A, and also carry the Obagi, Skinceuticals & Skin Medica lines, all have won many awards and deliver excellent results. Look for a product that contains glycolic acid, which works not only on the surface of the skin, but also in the layers you can’t see.  Glycolic acid is a rapid exfoliate and will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. Over time these products can also lighten sun spots and stimulate collagen production giving you a more youthful appearance. Ask your physician at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center what product is best for your skin type.  

To diminish wrinkles: A topical treatment may not be enough to remove those wrinkles. Botox and Xeomin or dermal fillers such as Radiesse, Juvederm or Restylane can help with little to no downtime. To calm redness: We have two amazing lasers that can help with your redness, the Vbeam Perfecta and our Photofacial or Intense Pulse Light (IPL).  To take away the puffiness: Take wheat and dairy out of your diet and you can remove some of the puffiness and breakouts that may occur the week leading up to an event. Lots of water and fresh juices can also make your skin look more vibrant.   Simple steps every day and regular visits to your skin care professional can help you, and your skin, shine like the star that you really are.

Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center in the News

A Month Devoted To Red

As we at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center in Seattle say good-bye to a month that was entirely covered in white, we are thankful to welcome February; which will be marked by the red of Valentines Day!  We all swoon at the sight of a red heart box of chocolates, however finding areas of red on our skin does not cause you any delight at all! 

 VBeam Perfecta

Red areas on your face or other areas of your body are likely due to blood vessels that have become dilated.  There are several names for this problem based on the size and severity of the vessels.  A mild form is referred to, as flushing that is very common amongst people prone to rosacea.  As the vessels dilate more, telangectasias, or visible veins appear on the face, most commonly around the nose and cheeks.  A grouping of these vessels is known as a cherry angioma.  While these conditions are all benign, they can still be quite bothersome aesthetically speaking.  Here at Pacific Dermatology and Cosmetic Center, we are proud to announce the arrival of our upgraded state of the art Vbeam Perfecta Laser, the leading vascular laser in the industry.  Call our office today for your cosmetic consultation with one of our providers to determine if Vbeam Perfecta is the right tool to help erase your red spots.  Winter is the perfect time to have the Vbeam treatment done because we do not want you in the sun for two weeks before and after the treatment. 


Speaking of treating veins during the winter, this is also the ideal time for sclerotherapy for unwanted leg veins.  At PDCC we are currently using hypertonic saline and/or polidocanol to inject spider veins with wonderful results.  Start your treatments now and say good-bye to your spider veins and hello to shorts and skirts by summertime.

Lips, Lashes, Legs…and then some

No Valentine season could sneak by without mention of perfecting your pucker!  Dr. Reichel and Dr. Jacobson are experts in fillers for the lips.  While you are in, ask about Latisse to add darker, longer, thicker eyelashes to your arsenal as well.   And why not take advantage of the high speed LightSheer DUET for laser hair removal and get those silky, smooth legs you’ve always wanted or any unwanted hair you want to see disappear!

February Promotions

Friends In February

Xeomin, the new, pure Botox will be featured all month.  Bring a new patient friend for Xeomin and you will each get $100 off your treatment.  Each of you will also get a $50 gift card to use toward your next Xeomin or Radiesse treatment. 

Give Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center a call at 206-859-5777 to schedule an appointment.


A Professional Update On Our Providers

Dr. Reichel and Dr. Jacobson have been asked to lecture this summer at the Pacific Northwest Dermatology Society Meeting on “What’s New in Laser Resurfacing.”   Additionally, Dr. Reichel will be attending the Cosmetic Surgery Symposium in June and Dr. Jacobson will be speaking to a group of Aestheticians at the Northwest Aestheticians Guild.  Kelly Stevens and Andrea English are pleased that Seattle will be hosting the National Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants meeting this summer. 

A Personal Update On Our Providers

Dr. Reichel, Dr. Jacobson, Andrea English PA-C and Kelly Stevens PA-C all have young children at home who were overjoyed at the snowfall we had last month.  Dr. Reichel and her family also spent time up at Whistler, Andrea and her family took a recent trip to the snow at White Pass, Kelly and her family had a great week at Suncadia Lodge also playing in the snow; while Dr. Jacobson nixed the snow and headed to Hawaii for some warmth with her family instead!

Top Cosmetic Trends for 2012

Top Cosmetic Trends for 2012

Which injectables are in demand? Are fewer people seeking surgery thanks to a weak economy? Will you have to battle your beau for space at the cosmetic surgeon's office? These topics and more are creating buzz in the aesthetic treatment arena. Here's what we're hearing:

Injectables and fillers are hot
Here at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, we keep you informed on the latest news on injectables and fillers, and if you've been reading, you know that several new options have landed in your doctor's office or have received FDA approval for expanded use. We're talking: The approval of the botulinum toxin injectable Xeomin, Restylane approval for lips, Radiesse for wrinkles and more. With more weapons to fight aging at your doctor's disposal, you can bet we'll hear more about the effects and success stories as the year progresses.

Bro-tox is in demand
More guys are getting hooked on Botox injections to smooth away their facial wrinkles, reports ABC's Good Morning America. In fact, it was a hot gift item over the holidays. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 300,000 men got Botox in 2011, a 10 percent increase from the year before. Laser hair removal, eyelid surgery, filler injections, nose jobs and facelifts are also popular among men in recent years.

Turning up the volume on warnings
While the economy is still floundering, we're starting to see group coupon "deals" on aesthetic treatments and other advertisements for reduced-rate procedures...even surgery. But with all of the botched procedure horror stories and questionable products, you'll be hearing a lot more from those who are warning you to read deals carefully and research your doctor diligently. Seek out a board-certified physician who specializes in the procedure you're interested in. 

Our board-certified physicians are here to answer all of your cosmetic questions, call Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, 206.859.5777, and schedule your cosmetic consultation and kick-off your 2012 looking and feeling fabulous!

Happy New Year!


We at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center want to extend a wish for health and happiness to you and your family. 

This is a time of year when we often had the opportunity to connect with family and friends and reflect on the previous year.  Many of us can begin to think a little more about ourselves now that the holiday season is behind us.  What a wonderful time to consider one of our laser treatments and liposuction. 

Liposuction News

Dr. Reichel is a leading proponent of tumescent liposuction.  Her techniques are uncompromising and place a strong emphasis on body contouring.  She looks at every procedure as a unique artistic challenge as evidenced by her fabulous results.  She would love to have you come in for a Free Liposuction Consultation and discuss your goals!

Laser News

We offer a full range of laser treatments that are best done in these winter moths when it is quite easy to avoid the sun as recommended post laser treatment.  We have experienced excellent results from our new LightSheer Duet laser, for the removal of unwanted hair.  Many of our patients have been surprised by the comfort of their treatments and the quick results.  The same can be said of our Fraxel and CO2 laser treatments that have offered amazing results for the treatment of sun damage, wrinkling and scarring.  It’s quite exciting to soon be offering our new V-beam Perfecta laser that will address the treatment of facial veins and redness, scars, vascular birthmarks, stretch marks and sun damage.  Please call for an appointment right here in our Seattle clinic at 206-859-5777 to schedule a consultation with one of our providers who can specifically evaluate your concerns and offer the most appropriate treatment for you. 

Skin Health Care News

At this time of year it is common to make a new commitment to your continued health and wellbeing.  As a clinic that also specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer we are reminded on a daily basis about the importance of early detection of skin cancer.  Recently one of our patients reminded us of this as she was being evaluated for her first skin check.  She scheduled the appointment because her mother was undergoing treatment for metastatic melanoma.  She was reassured after her visit that her skin exam was normal and she felt grateful to have all her questions answered.  All skin cancers are easily treated when detected early so please do not hesitate to call for a skin check especially if you have a concerning lesion.

What’s New With Our Providers?

The year of 2012 should be exciting and full of learning and continued growth at our clinic.  We are so happy to be welcoming Kelly Stevens, PA-C back from maternity leave on January 4th.  She’s looking forward to seeing all of her patients again.  Drs. Reichel and Jacobson are studying and preparing for their upcoming Dermatology Boards recertification exam this spring.  All of the providers have a busy conference schedule ahead that allows for important learning in their specialty.

What’s New With Our Staff?

We are thrilled to have Cheryl Chouinard, LPN and Sue Hickox, M.A. performing our LightSheer DUET for laser hair removal!  They are very skilled with this most effective laser and look forward to treating all of you.  Cheryl, who has been working with hair removal lasers for over six years says, “I have worked with about seven different hair removal lasers and the LightSheer DUET is by far the most effective, fast and comfortable laser!”  Furthermore, both of these women give the greatest chemical peels.  And, we are pleased to announce Sue is now a credentialed Esthetician with additional expertise to give you skin care advice.

Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center welcomes 2012

A New Year, A New You!

Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year! And with a New Year, comes our excitement to share with you our 3 newest additions; Xoemin, from the makers of Radiesse… the laser-hair removal system of all systems, the Lightsheer DUET…and last but certainly not least, an upgrade to our current laser, the Vbeam Perfecta!

“In keeping with our core mission to stay on the forefront of skin rejuvenation and treatment advancements, we are delighted to offer these new products” says Dr. Jennifer Reichel, founder and Medical Director of Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center and a leading MOHS and Cosmetic surgeon.


Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center is one of the first 100 Dermatology practices in the US to receive and begin injecting Xoemin, a promising new Merz Aesthetics product. Xoemin works just like BOTOX. You could call it a “pure injectable” because it doesn’t contain some of the complex proteins.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Xoemin July 21, 2011 for the temporary improvement in the appearance of frown lines between the eyebrows. It is also often used to temporarily erase crow’s feet and even the vertical platysmal bands often called “turkey-neck” folds on the neck.

“But most important, Xeomin is LESS expensive. We are able to offer it for 20% less than BOTOX therefore making the Bank A Vial only $10 a unit” says Dr. Reichel.

For more information about Xoemin or to schedule a consultation to see if Xoemin is right for you, please call 206-859-5777.

LightSheer DUET

For those who are tired of unwanted hair and have been waiting for a laser with little to no discomfort, this is the laser for you! LightSheer 800 nm diode lasers were introduced in 1998 and have long been considered the ‘gold standard’ in terms of permanent hair reduction and reliable, low maintenance technology over time. The NEW LightSheer Duet is capturing clinical interest and support for its revolutionizing approach to laser hair removal.

Vbeam Perfecta

We just bought the newest Vbeam laser! The Vbeam Perfecta is the most trusted pulsed dye laser and the most advanced. This laser has a proven track record of safety, reliability, and efficacy. And, the Perfecta has less risk for bruising and is more powerful than its predecessor. Thanks to cutting edge technology, the Vbeam Perfecta is the gold standard. Here are just a few things we can treat with this amazing laser:

• Rosacea
• Port Wine Stains
• Dilated Blood Vessels
• Spider and Cherry Angiomas
• Stretch Marks
• Keloid Scars
• Superficial Leg Veins

The physicians and skin care specialists at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center look forward to helping you make 2012 your best year yet! Whether your needs are cosmetic or medical, call 206.859.5777 to schedule your appointment today.

December Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center Newsletter

 Happy Holidays!!  We at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center wish you and your family a warm holiday season. 

We are gearing up for our annual HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE on Tuesday December 13th from 1:00pm-7:00pm.  Drs. Reichel and Jacobson will be offering the following Mix and Match Treatments promotion with Chemical Peels, Botox or Dysport and Fillers.  Choose two (2) and get 50% off the second treatment.  Choose all three (3) and get the Chemical Peel FREE! In addition, buy two (2) Latisse and get one FREE, all products will be 15% off including a few new products you will want to try and Clarisonic Mia’s will only be $100 and a complimentary $25 brush head. There will be great drawings, food, and special guests.  We look forward to seeing many of you there for our annual festive event.

We are also thrilled to announce the purchase of a new laser….introducing the V-beam Perfecta.  Yes, we have had a V-beam for years but the advanced technology in the new V-beam perfecta allows us to treat the following conditions with improved outcomes: facial redness, facial veins, scars and stretch marks, birthmarks (such as port wine stains and hemangiomas), and sun damage.  We can safely use higher doses of energy without as many side effects. 

Drs. Reichel and Jacobson spent a long weekend in November in faraway Orlando, Florida without our children (we know…how can you go to Orlando without kids?) to prepare for the Dermatology Boards recertification exam and brush up on surgical and general dermatology.  Tough to believe that ten years have flown by since we completed residency.

Meanwhile, Andrea English, PA attended a Melanoma and Dermoscopy conference sponsored through the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. (I always find it ironic that most of our meetings are in the very places that those with skin cancer would want to avoid).  The conference clearly highlighted the incidence of melanoma is increasing and predicted to continue to rise emphasizing the importance of early detection and screening.  This was a big year for melanoma as new treatments have been developed that target specific melanoma molecular pathways. 

Finally, Kelly Stevens, PA will be back from her maternity leave in January 2012 and looks forward to seeing all her patients again soon.  As you may already know, she delivered an adorable baby girl named Ruby who we welcomed to the world.  She even attended a Botox and Juvederm training session during her maternity leave!

Look Years Younger in Minutes with Liquid face lifts

Look Years Younger in Minutes

In the hands of a skilled, board-certified practitioner, injectables and fillers offer a fast route to a youthful makeover with zero downtime. The "liquid lift" utilizes fillers and injectables that can take off 10 years in mere minutes.

For instance, a hyaluronic filler like Perlane is used to define the cheeks and to address shadows under the eyes. Radiesse is a semi-permanent filler and can do wonders to improve a weak chin.  An injectable like Botox can help to smooth forehead lines by stopping the muscle contractions that create wrinkles. New fillers and injectables have recently been FDA-approved, so ask your doctor about the latest options.

Using injectables to rejuvenate the face is a customized procedure and the doctor may use different combinations of injectables to address individual concerns. It’s imperative that your physician knows the nuances of each product, where to inject them and how to manage potential complications.  The skilled physicians at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center have years of experience with the "Liquid Face Lift", call us today to schedule your consultation, 206-859-5777, we look forward to working with you.

Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center's October Newsletter

Goodbye summer, hello fall. Time to start pulling out jackets and boots as the air keeps getting crisper every morning! Although many of us are sad to see the sun slowly fair us well, it is a great time to start addressing some of those skin issues many of us put off during the summertime.

If your rosacea has been triggered or gotten worse over the last few months with sun exposure, we have some fantastic treatments for you, one being our VBeam laser. We have seen wonderful results with our patients that have had moderate to severe rosacea. If you are not quite ready for lasers, come in and talk to our Physician Assistant, Andrea English about prescriptions and other options to help your rosacea!

Just a reminder if you haven’t already had your 2011 Seattle Skin Check, be sure to give us a call at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center for an appointment! (206)859-5777. We want to make sure all of those inscrutable moles are still just inscrutable moles!

Ladies and Gentlemen…


Fall is the perfect time to start a laser package! Lasers are an effective, nonsurgical way to rejuvenate your look and freshen up! Whether you want to get rid of some of those frustrating sun spots, diminish fine lines or remove unwanted hair, our lasers can help.

LightSheer DUET:

HAIR, BE GONE! We love our new LightSheer DUET laser for hair removal. It is fast, effective, and from my own personal experience, totally worth the tiny, and I mean tiny, bit of pain. You will be so happy getting rid of those obnoxious facial hairs and thrilled with your smooth legs that you can have without shaving every other day!

If you are interested, STOP WAXING and PLUCKING! We need those hairs to be freshly shaved and right under your skins surface to target the hair. Call for an appointment! We have very affordable pricing with this high speed LightSheer DUET laser by Lumenis and with the purchase of multiple areas; we give a 20% discount on the treatment area(s) of equal or lesser value.

IPL aka The Photo Facial:

Pulses of light from this laser target pigment and blood vessels, which can help improve sun spots, age spots, rosacea, spider veins, capillaries, and more. Even in Seattle we still had some sun this summer. It is difficult for many of us to block time out of our schedules, especially as the holidays come closer, and this treatment allows you to be back to work and other plans right away with little to no down time. Most people come in for two to four treatments, four weeks apart, for the best results. Improved, gorgeous skin tone can certainly help boost anyone’s self-esteem!

Fraxel re:store Dual:

“Wow.” The results from this laser have many of us saying exactly that. The Fraxel re:store laser treats many different skin issues; age and sun spots, melasma, acne scars and other scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and achieves skin resurfacing. Check out our before and after pictures on this website and see for yourself! Dr. Jennifer Reichel and Dr. Laurie Jacobson would love to see you for a consultation to discuss how this treatment can be beneficial to you.

Total FX CO2 Fractional Laser (The Big Whammy):

The Total FX CO2 Fractional laser provides excellent, dramatic results with just one treatment. The laser micro beams aim deep into the layers of the skin to remove tissue and stimulate new collagen growth immediately. You will see amazing changes in the appearance of wrinkles, fine and deep lines, brown spots, and this treatment is wonderful in reducing acne scarring and other scarring.

Now is perfect timing to have the Total FX CO2 laser done as it is crucial to stay protected from the sun after this treatment. Everyone starts to hibernate in their homes around this time of year making it prime opportunity for some downtime.

Another great benefit: BOTH the CO2 and Fraxel treat precancerous lesions and sun damage in addition to cosmetic improvements. The Fraxel Dual is FDA approved for this purpose and remember, not all CO2 lasers are equal. The Total FX, for us, is THE GOLD STANDARD.

We love lasers! Our doctors are experts with the most advanced laser technologies and our office would love to see you come in and leave our office ecstatic with how your skin looks and feels! We have some great package deals and only want you to achieve what you have come in to treat.


Congratulations to Kelly Stevens, PA-C, our beautiful new mother for the second time. On September 12th, she and husband Mike welcomed baby girl Ruby Stevens into their lives! We are so excited for Kelly and adorable Ruby!

Dr. Reichel is, once again, on the move – giving talks at the NW Aestheticians Guild on October 12th on skin cancer and Mohs Micrographic surgery. She has also been invited to give a talk at the ASDS national meeting on How to Build a Cosmetic Practice, and at the Pacific Northwest Dermatology meeting on laser treatments and skin rejuvenation. Watch out University of Washington – Dr. Reichel is hosting a teaching session on October 6th on “How to Inject Botox” for all of the UW Dermatology residents.

Dr. Reichel appeared in the September 2011 issue of Skin & Aging magazine. Her featured quote in the cover story’s article Making Melasma More Manageable is as follows, “I’ve always relied heavily on topicals and still do, and even if I will also treat patients with laser or chemical peels, I am insistent that they stay on combination tretinoin and hydroquinone…” Dr. Reichel has many melasma patients with success stories and would be happy to see you to discuss an effective treatment plan such as the prescription topicals mentioned, chemical peels, or the Fraxel re:store Dual laser(another highly effective treatment for melasma).

Our Fall Evening of Beauty held September 22nd was a blast! Thank you to everyone who came; our office had a wonderful time seeing you! Hope all of you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. We are glad you loved the drawings, food, meeting our vendors and simply being together.

Be sure not to miss the next pre-holiday event for more fun and awesome deals. Dates and details will be out soon!

If you want to look your best before seeing family and friends for the holidays, schedule your appointments in advance with Dr. Reichel and Dr. Jacobson for Botox and Fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse), even a “liquid facelift” because everyone else has the same idea as you! Be sure to give yourself about two weeks before any major events to have these done because there can be some minimal swelling and bruising with some of these procedures.

Put some $ back in your pocket with Allergan’s promotions:

Duet Dividends Program: Receive Botox treatment and Juvederm XC treatment and save $75! For Brilliant Distinctions members it is instant, our front desk can go online then and there and save you bucks! If you are not a member, it is still $75 off, although a mail in rebate.  This goes through November 30th, 2011.

Latisse Real Deal: Purchase a box of Latisse and not only grow luscious, long lashes, but save $25! For Brilliant Distintions member it is instant savings, for non-members, a mail in rebate. If you have not bought Latisse before we need you to see one of our providers since it is a prescription so call our office to book a quick, no charge consult. Offer ends November 30th,2011.

For one box of Latisse it is $125 or purchase two boxes and it is $198. (So it’s really $100 for one box or $173 for two!)

Ask us about the Brilliant Distinctions program if you aren’t a member. It is a great perk from Allergan when getting Botox or Juvederm treatments or when purchasing Latisse. You receive points from our office in the form of a voucher for any of these three things and those points will accumulate. Points equal money!

We appreciate all of our patients. You make our work enjoyable and meaningful! Stay dry over the next few months (or more than the next few months…) and call Pacific Dermatology and Cosmetic Center at 206-859-5777 with all of your skin concerns!

PDCC Welcomes Fall In the Pacific Northwest

Some of us hope fall is far away since our summer seemed so short, but we are happy to see the sunny skies of early September. It has always felt as if fall represents new beginnings probably due to the past memories of starting school or having children that are returning to school.

Many of our return to school patients have felt a need to finally address an issue that has been bothering them: acne!  We have so many therapies and different modalities for treating this often frustrating condition.  Studies have proven that acne can greatly impact your life, no matter what your age.  There are also effective treatments for acne scarring including the Fraxel and CO2 lasers.  Our staff is available to discuss acne treatments or concerns and for consultations on how to best address acne scarring.

FALL EVENING OF BEAUTY: We are very excited to have this fun evening on Thursday September 22 from 4:30-7:30 offering many specials on Botox, LightSheer DUET laser hair removal packages, CO2 laser, Radiesse, a 15% discount on all Obagi and Skinceuticals products and many drawings for great gifts!  Some representatives from our supporting vendors will be present as well.  All in the setting of fun, food and drink.  Please see our web site for specific details or call us now to reserve your spot, 206.859.5777, these events fill up quickly and we wouldn't want you to miss out!

OUR NEW LASER FOR HAIR REMOVAL: Our new laser, the LightSheer DUET has arrived in our clinic!  This laser provides fast, effective and comfortable treatments for the removal of unwanted hair.  Many people are cautious about pursuing laser hair removal for fear of the discomfort or time it will take for each treatment.  The wonderful aspect of this laser is how fast it delivers a treatment and with comfort and ease felt by the patient.  We will be offering great pricing on laser hair packages so please call the clinic for details 206-859-5777.  Most patients who receive laser hair removal state that their only regret is that they wished they had done it sooner!

CLINIC STAFF NEWS: Although Drs. Reichel and Jacobson have been in practice for many years, they both keep active with participation in ongoing educational endeavors.  Both attend important medical conferences yearly and pursue opportunities for continued learning.  This can be said of our two physician assistants as well.  Dr. Jacobson was recently honored when she was invited to be a review editor for the peer reviewed journal Dermatologic Surgery.  Andrea English, PA-C is planning to attend the Society for Dermatology Physician Assistants Annual Fall Conference in Orlando.

September will be a very memorable month for Kelly Stevens, PA-C as she is expecting the arrival of her baby girl.  A big welcome for her new baby!

ONGOING PROMOTIONS: We still offer our Botox bank a vial where you buy 100 units of Botox at $12 per unit (regularly $15 per unit) costing $1200.   This is an overall savings of $300.  The 100 units must be purchased at once and used within 18 months.

We have savings on Dysport as well where if you have had this treatment in the past you can receive a $50 mail-in rebate.  If you have been a botox patient and want to try Dysport, you can qualify for a $100 mail-in rebate.  You need to have had Botox within the past 18 months and can provide proof of purchase.

Lastly, we continue to offer Latisse at $125 for 1 box or $198 for 2 boxes.  Many of our patients have loved the look of their long lashes since using this product!

Request an appointment

Thank you for choosing Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, we look forward to providing you with the very best skin care.