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Clearly, This Facial is Brilliant!

The skin is the most significant indicator of our beauty and wellness. Skin that is firm, smooth, and radiant is associated with youthfulness and vitality. The problem is it can be difficult to keep our skin smooth, firm, and radiant as we enter adulthood. For those who experience chronic acne, the dermatologic difficulties can begin much earlier. It is important to recognize that, whether your skin is showing indications of aging, sun damage, or clogged pores or all seems well on the outside, you can benefit from the occasional professional treatment. One that comes out as a clear candidate is Clear + Brilliant.

What is Clear + Brilliant?

Technically, Clear + Brilliant is categorized as a laser treatment. However, it does not give you the experience that you may expect from this type of technology. Typically, people envision laser treatments as sessions in which the outermost layer of skin is vaporized into oblivion. This isn’t the case with every laser. It certainly isn’t true of Clear + Brilliant. This system, built for uniformity and gentleness, uses customizable settings and optical tracking to stimulate ongoing tissue regeneration with few side effects and little downtime.

The treatment process may take only half an hour, including the brief consultation with your provider. To make you as comfortable as possible, we may apply a topical anesthetic to your skin. Once absorbed, this cream desensitizes the skin so your treatment feels like nothing more than minor, momentary zaps. The laser energy that promotes tissue repair is delivered through a small handpiece that the provider glides over your skin. It may take approximately 20 minutes for a full-face treatment. The process is so gentle that it can be repeated as often as every month.

Why Would You Want Clear + Brilliant Treatment?

This treatment can improve the skin in several ways, according to studies. After Clear + Brilliant, adults have reported:

  • Softer fine lines
  • Smaller, less visible pores
  • Smoother skin
  • A more radiant glow

Benefits of Clear + Brilliant include:

  • Suitable for preventive or corrective goals.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Treatment can be done at any time of year.
  • Can address the signs of aging, sun damage, and more.
  • No downtime is needed.

Do you have a clear picture in mind of how you’d like your skin to look? We have brilliant ways to help you! Call 206-859-5777 to schedule a consultation in our Renton or Seattle office.

Letter from Dr. Reichel

Dear Valued Patients,

Your health is our first priority. We know that many of you have questions during these unprecedented times and we want to assure you that we are taking the following actions to uphold your safety:

  1. Firstly, we are here for you!! We have receptionists and providers available to answer all questions.
  2. We are screening all patients for risk of COVID-19 and will immediately reschedule any patients who fall into a risk category.
  3. As of March 19, our offices will remain open for Medical Dermatology appointments.
  4. Although it is a difficult decision, we will be postponing all cosmetic patients and cosmetic procedures until April 13th and after. If you are on our schedule prior to April 13th, we will be calling you soon. And rest assured, we are keeping our aesthetic staff busy with no planned lay-offs.
    We are offering telehealth (video) consultations for all cosmetic patients and dermatology patients upon request. We would like to offer you 10% off and FREE SHIPPING on all cosmetic products.
  5. Please check out our facebook and Instagram pages for new content over the next few weeks. We are planning on daily “stay connected” briefs.
    Our community is strong. Through focus on our patients and team, we are even stronger. Thank you for your patience and please take good care of yourselves and your loved ones.


Dr. Jennifer Reichel, and the team at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center

Let’s Tame Those Trouble Spots

One of the wonderful things about living in this day and age is that cosmetic beauty can mean so many things. Even with the influence of social media influencers and celebrities around every corner, more people are grasping onto the idea that they can be their own kind of beautiful. However that looks for you, there are treatments that can help you achieve that. Sometimes, that means taming certain trouble spots.

As you know, trouble spots can develop anywhere. For some people, it is facial aging that causes concern. For some, it is skin and body issues like unwanted hair, unwanted fat, or unattractive veins. Here, we want to focus on the various trouble spots that may occur and how each can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Signs of Aging

The development of permanent lines and wrinkles can feel distressing. Once creases remain even when the face is at rest, there’s no going back. There are, however, multiple ways forward. Some of the ways that we help patients tame trouble spots on their face include:

  • Chemical peels for gentle, routine exfoliation can be performed as often as monthly.
  • Microneedling is a brief treatment that induces collagen production for all-over improvement.
  • Laser and light treatments can resurface and remodel the skin to look brighter, clearer, and softer.
  • Injectables smooth lines and creases around the eyes, nose, and mouth, as well as the hands and neck.
  • CoolSculpting and Kybella are each excellent choices to reduce a double-chin.


The body ages similarly to the face but is, for the most part, easy to disguise, at least for a time. Trouble spots that may eventually take center stage can often be addressed with:

  • CoolSculpting for small areas of stubborn fat. Common treatment areas include the stomach, thighs, arms, bra area, and chin.
  • Cellfina is a proven method of eliminating frustrating cellulite. The in-office treatment is comfortable and literally untethers the skin to restore a smooth, beautiful surface.
  • Liposonix, like CoolSculpting, is intended for the spot reduction of unwanted fat in the midsection.
  • Tumescent liposuction is the treatment of choice for those who want faster, more dramatic results in fat reduction.
  • Liposculpting is a precision liposuction technique that is used to sculpt smaller areas of the body or face.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive menu of services to patients in the Seattle and Renton areas. To schedule a consultation where we can discuss your trouble spots, call 206-859-5777.

CoolSculpting & Dualsculpting Event

Join us for a Cool Event featuring CoolSculpting and DualSculpting! The world's #1 non-surgical fat removal treatment! Wednesday, May 15th, 4:00-6:00 PM, Northgate location. Call to RSVP at 206.859.5777. The 1st 10 RSVP's receive 10 units of Botox FREE!

PDCC logoCoolsculpting

Learn more by reading through our specials or contact us at 206-859-5777 or via our contact page.

Little Black Dress or Slender Suit: October/November Special

In this issue: Are you ready to wear your little black dress or slender suit this holiday season? At our Northgate office now through December 31st: buy four treatments, get the 5th area free on Coolsculpting ($750 value). Plus, FREE Coolsculpting consultations with Dr. Jennifer Reichel, M.D. through December 31st, 2018! Reserve your spot today: 206-859-5777.

Little Black Dress or Slender Suit: October/November SpecialAt our Northgate office now through December 31st: buy four treatments, get the 5th area free on Coolsculpting ($750 value).Plus, FREE Coolsculpting consultations with Dr. Jennifer Reichel, M.D. through December 31st, 2018! Reserve your spot today: 206-859-5777.Refine flanks, arms, tummy, thighs, and morecontact information

Learn more by reading through our specials or contact us at 206-859-5777 or via our contact page.

Plan Ahead To Look Your Best For Weddings, Reunions & The Beach

By Cheryl Wells

If you are planning a little spruce up for a Spring or Summer event like a wedding or high school reunion, NOW is the time to start planning! While many of the most modern procedures don’t have any “down time” where you’re hiding behind big sunglasses, they do take some time to take effect. For example, Botox will give you a noticeable improvement in about a week, while you’ll need 3-6 months to see the maximum effects of Ultherapy as it spurs new collagen growth to smooth wrinkles and lifts your face. To time your treatments right, follow the chart below:

Upload: March 16, 2016
When to Schedule
Name of Procedure What it does
3-6 months Ultherapy – Face/neck & chest

Liposonix – Tummy, waist, thighs

Lift, tighten, tone and smooths wrinkles

Permanent fat cell destruction

4-8 weeks Fillers – Lips, cheeks, under eyes
smile lines and around the mouth
Adds volume
Softens wrinkles
3-6 weeks Botox – Crow’s feet, 11’s, forehead and other facial wrinkles Buys you “wrinkle-free” time. Softens wrinkles and decreases muscle movement
3-4 weeks IPL/BBL – Face, neck, chest, hands Diminishes brown spots, freckles, redness, veins, rosacea, sun damage and more
2-8 weeks Clear & Brilliant — Coming soon! Face, neck, chest, arms, hands Improves skin tone and texture, and gives your skin a more radiant, youthful glow

Ultherapy is a new and effective non-invasive alternative to a face-lift, with virtually no down-time. It is the only FDA-approved device that allows the provider to see an image of the layers of the skin in order to direct the ultrasound waves at the exact precise depth needed to cause neocollagenesis. This collagen growth will lift and tighten your face, neck, or chest. It really works! The price for Ultherapy usually runs anywhere from $750 to $3500 depending on the area treated. View more

Liposonix can help get rid of those exercise resistant fatty deposits by fully destroying the fat cells! Never to return again—once the fat cells are gone—they are gone forever. Liposonix uses HIFU Ultrasound waves at a specific depth and frequency with a unique large tip to accomplish this cell destruction. The price ranges from $500 to $3500 depending on the size of the area. View more

Botox & fillers are a great way to soften wrinkles and/or add volume to help you look younger. Botox is a purified protein that decreases muscle movement, which essentially gives you wrinkle free time. Fillers are used to add volume in areas such as the cheeks or lips and to help soften creases. They are also a terrific complement to your Ultherapy treatment. Use these spot treatments any time after Ultherapy and at least one month or two (see chart) before your special occasion. The average price ranges from as little as $250 and up to $1000, or more depending on what is needed. View more

IPL/BBL uses multiple light beams and wave lengths to target the problem areas. Both devices diminish brown spots, freckles, redness, veins, rosacea, sun damage and more. They are also terrific anti-aging treatments! They work at a cellular level and physically make the skin cells healthier. If your skin is healthier at a cellular level, then it acts looks and feels younger. Look up Forever Young BBL for more info. View more

As a nurse who has worked with lasers, fillers and injections for 11 years, I have helped many people plan and get ready for their special day and I would like to help you too! There is so much more to tell you when it comes to our fabulous no-downtime treatments, but space is limited. If you are looking forward to an important event, please book a FREE consultation (with me, Cheryl the Laser Queen) and I can help create your beauty plan for your special day!

From Cheryl the Laser Queen

Laser Queen | Laser TreatmentYou’ve probably heard that today’s laser treatments can help get rid of sun damage and rosacea. But did you know the most modern lasers, like the ones we have in our office, can also boost collagen growth to reduce fine lines and wrinkles? Or blast fat cells to permanently kill them, and help get rid of an annoying trouble spot that won’t respond to dieting?  Many of our patients are surprised to discover the array of treatments that are possible now.
My new blog series will introduce you to our full suite of the most cutting edge lasers here at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center.  You'll learn how we can treat those pesky veins on your face or around your nose that have been bothering you forever or how we can minimize or erase freckles, sun damage or age spots that prevent your skin from looking even and youthful. We'll explain how we can diminish acne scars, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and provide the best non-surgical alternatives to a face-lift.
My name is Cheryl, and I’m a nurse with a bachelor of science degree and PD&CC's resident laser expert. I have been working with Dr. Reichel and with lasers for 11 years, and I’m also a Clinical Educator for Ulthera. I love my job and making a difference in my patients’ lives! I’ve seen so many advancements in this innovative technology and look forward to sharing them with you.
Look out for the next in my series – The Best Ways to Plan Ahead To Look Your Best For Weddings, Reunions and The Beach. And until then, don’t forget your sunscreen!

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