Chin-Tox---Botox for Chin Dimpling

The aesthetic indications for which botulinum toxin is used are always expanding. A little-known indication for Botox is for the aesthetic treatment of the "golf ball" or "orange peel" chin. This is a typical condition seen in people with certain facial mimicking that causes a contracture of the muscles around the chin. This predictable and recurrent habit results in an aesthetically unwanted dimpling, or "cobblestoning," of the tip of the chin over time.

Dimpling and puckering of the chin is very common.  Most people don't even realize it happens to them because it usually happens during animation and talking. It is also common for people who have a recessed chin.  By placing Botox into the chin it will relax the mentalis muscle and create smoother skin on the chin. Another benefit of having this area done is if you have a deep horizontal crease in your chin, this will soften.  The physicians at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center in Seattle can treat all of your Botox needs.  Call us today, 206.859.5777,  and schedule your consultation with treatment done the same day!

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