CO2 Laser Treatment for Acne Scarring

Q: I am interested in Fractional CO2 Laser treatment for my acne scars on my cheeks and chin. I would love more information, pricing and to find out about scheduling a consultation. I am likely to be a candidate for 1-2 treatments I presume.

Dr. Reichel Answers: I would love to see you in consultation for acne scarring. Fractional CO2 resurfacing can be one of the best options for acne scars. It is best for people with lighter skin. Most patients need one or two treatments. If a second treatment is needed, we usually wait six months or more for the skin to heal. In most cases we will do a treatment of the whole face, especially the first time, but for some patients we may be able to treat just the areas that are involved.

The current cost of the Fractional CO2 for the full face is $3900. The cost might be lower if we treat only certain areas. The cost for the second procedure is usually between $600 and $1000.

Our fractional CO2 is the state-of-the-art Lumenis Total FX. We treat deeper scars with the Deep FX hand piece and more superficial scars with the Active FX hand piece. We usually use both hand pieces on acne scarring in one treatment.

I have been doing CO2 resurfacing for 10 years, and have had the Fractional CO2 for 2 years. It is my favorite laser and I am very happy with its versatility and the excellent results. Of course, I am the one that you will see for your consultation and I will personally do your treatment. Please call 206-859-5777 to set up your consultation.

One note: If you still have active acne outbreaks, we may want to clear these up before we do the laser treatment. That's one of the nice points with coming to a medical dermatology office; we can treat all aspects of skin care.

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