Common Signs Of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a serious but common disease. However, the good news is that it can be eliminated through various treatments. The success of the treatment depends on how early the cancer can be detected. The sooner it is detected, the higher is the success rate of the treatment. In order to detect skin cancer early, you must watch out for certain signs and symptoms.

Ignoring these signs can lead to the cancer spreading to other parts of the body, which can prove fatal. Statistics indicate that around 40 to 50 percent of light-skinned people will develop some form of skin cancer by the time they reach the age of 65. So, knowing the signs and symptoms of skin cancer can save your life.

Recognizing Skin Cancer

These are some of the signs and symptoms of possible skin cancer:

  • Roughness of the lower lips that lasts for a long duration can indicate Actinic Cheilitis, which is a precancerous condition. Other signs include swelling of the lips, lip lines that are prominent, and the disappearance of the area separating the lip and skin. Actinic Cheilitis eventually develops into squamous cell carcinoma, if ignored.
  • Formation of cone shaped growths on the skin can indicate squamous cell carcinoma. These growths are referred to as cutaneous horns and they grow out of a red base on the skin. They vary in size, but usually do not extend over a few millimeters length-wise. This is common in people who have fair skin and have been exposed to the sun a lot.
  • Moles can also indicate skin cancer. Though, most moles are harmless, harmful ones can be identified by their shape, size, or color. Cancerous moles are usually irregular in shape, large sized, and multi-colored. Another point to note is that, moles that develop during adulthood, can be cancerous.
  • Scaly patches on the head, neck and hands indicate Actinic Keratosis, which is a warning sign for skin cancer. They may develop into squamous cell skin cancer over a period of time.

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