Introducing Daxxify - the only long-lasting wrinkle treatment powered by peptides!

What is Daxxify?

DAXXIFY® is a neuromodulator similar to Botox. It’s made of the same botulinum toxin protein as Botox, but has been specially formulated to make it last longer! And, in our opinion, it “looks better” than Botox. The skin looks smoother and more lifted.

How does Daxxify work?

Daxxify is injected into the expression muscles on the face to inhibit them from contracting. Over time, this means the lines and wrinkles will become smoother. What did the scientists behind Daxxify do to make it last longer? They coated the negatively charged botulinum protein with positively charged peptides. This makes the protein function better and remain stable for longer. So, instead of a 3-4 month duration, Daxxify lasts an average of six months – even lasting up to nine months!

Why does Daxxify have peptides?

All wrinkle-reducing botulinum proteins require a special ingredient for stabilization. For Botox, the stabilizing ingredient is a blood product called human serum albumin (HSA). For Dysport, the stabilizing ingredient is a combination of HSA and cow’s milk protein. Daxxify’s stabilizing ingredient is novel peptides, meaning it contains no human or animal byproducts. In fact, Daxxify is vegan!

How is Daxxify different from Botox?

DAXXIFY® is the only injectable neurotoxin with peptides. Botox does not contain any peptides and thus doesn’t last as long. Although they work similarly, Daxxify is a more advanced version of the most popular injectable treatment performed each year.

How many units of Daxxify do I need?

If you’ve tried Botox in the past, you will likely need a different number of units with Daxxify. Units are a measurement of the product’s potency, and there are roughly two units of Daxxify for each unit of Botox. The number of units you will need with Daxxify will be unique to the product, just like Botox.

How was Daxxify created?

Since the early 2000s, scientists and physicians have been exploring the many therapeutic uses of peptides. Initially, it was thought that peptides could help botulinumtoxin be effectively delivered through the skin without an injection. It was found, however, that peptides could instead boost the results of injected botulinumtoxin for a much more potent and long-lasting form of Botox. Daxxify recently became available and has shown in several clinical studies to last for 6-9 months, longer than any other injectable neurotoxin.

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