Mira Dry

If you are someone who suffers from excessive sweating, miraDry is the life changing treatment for you. If you have excessive sweating from a walk, sweating through your shirts when you work in a cool environment, or if your underarms sweat to the point your cloths are soaked, you may have a medical condition called Hyperhidrosis.
Hyperhidrosis is the clinical name for overactive sweat glands. Antiperspirants aren’t always the solution. Not only does miraDry resolve the hyperhidrosis, it also resolves the odor and underarm hair. Call (206) 859-5777 today to learn more about miraDry or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Reichel and determine whether you are a candidate for treatment!


What is Mira Dry:

miraDry is a safe, FDA-cleared, non-invasive, treatment to resolve hyperhidrosis. Using microwave technology, miraDry delivers heat waves as hot as 140 degrees F just below the skin surface, at the same time, a colling device prevents the upper layer of the skin from burning. The controlled delivery of energy turns off your sweat glands permanently.

The Benefits of miraDry

• Safely and permanently reduces underarm sweat, odor & hair
• Lasting results that are immediate
• Hight patient Satisfaction
• Non invasive (no surgical incisions or cuts)
• Minimal patient downtime
• The halting of the underarm sweat glands does not affect the body’s ability to cool itself.
• Your clothing will no longer be damaged and stained by excessive sweat

Who is a candidate for miraDry?

The best candidates are those who feel embarrassed by excess sweating. If you are applying deodorant several times a day or changing your clothing more then once a day, you are a candidate. The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation. Your provider will review your medical history and help you determine if miraDry is right for you.

What can I expect during the treatment?

Your provider will begin the process by measuring your armpits and marking the treatment area. Lidocaine will be applied injected to numb the area. This will ensure you have a safe and comfortable treatment. Once the area is completely numb, the miraDry device is applied to destroy the sweat glands. The treatment should take about one hour. After the treatment you may experience soreness and swelling. This is normal and ice packs can help to reduce the swelling or discomfort. There is minimal downtime with this procedure. We recommend giving yourself a couple of days to recover before resuming any work out activities including swimming, running etc.

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Interested in the miraDry device and whether you are an appropriate candidate for treatment? Give us a call at (206) 859-5777 to speak with our office in Seattle or Renton, WA! You can also click here to fill out our appointment request form. Dr. Reichel and her talented staff look forward to serving you!

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