Do you treat Ear Keloids?

Dear Doctor:  I was wondering if you did laser scar removal, cortisone injections, or hormone injections on ear keloids?  I have a keloid scar from an ear piercing I got over 6 years ago, and would like to know how to go about curing it and even preventing it from further growth.  Thanks, TB

Dear TB:  We do treat keloids on ears.  If you have insurance, it will often times cover the cost for the treatments.  I would want to look at your ear - so the first step is to set up an appointment for evaluation.  If the keloid is small, then the injections might be the best option.  If it is large, then an excision is the best way to go.  I have had very good results with surgical removal of ear keloids.  For most patients, we have them also see a radiation oncologist because the best results combine surgical excision followed by 1-2 treatments of very low dose radiation.  We can discuss all of this further at your appointment, please call 206.859.5777 to schedule.

Thanks for your email. I look forward to seeing you, Dr. Jennifer Reichel

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