Do Your Eyes Need Some Life Put Back in Them?

Under Eye Treatments  Seattle WAOur eyes sparkle and shine; at least they should. What can happen with age and genetic predisposition is that the skin around the eyes becomes increasingly drab, loose, and thin. We cannot avoid these changes, but we can treat them. The sooner that the skin around the eyes gets routine TLC in the form of high-quality skin care, the longer it can sustain its form. When a little help is needed, we have solutions.

What happens to the eyes?

There are a few common concerns that arise as the condition of the skin around the eyes declines.

  • Upper eyelids get heavy. The skin here doesn’t get heavier, but it sure looks like it. The reason that skin may overtake the upper crease of the eye is that it simply gets lax due to the sharp decrease in collagen, the skin-firming protein. Another possible reason that the upper eyelid may change is the brow. When the brow is pulled downward, natural force is placed on the skin of the upper eyelid, making it appear loose and saggy. What to do: the upper eyelids can be improved quickly with BOTOX to lift the brow. When skin is excessively loose, though, blepharoplasty may be a wiser approach.
  • The lower lids get puffy. Lower eyelid puffiness, or bags, develop when firmness in superficial tissue diminishes to the point where underlying fat pads are no longer supported. The puffiness that you see is fat protruding forward. What to do: many people with mild to moderate undereye bags turn to dermal fillers or fat injections for cosmetic improvement. Moderate to severe puffiness needs to be treated with blepharoplasty, which carefully excises extra tissue, so support for fatty deposits is restored.
  • Skin looks like crepe-paper. Thinning skin is never a good thing. It is more prone to small injuries, and it also looks fragile. What to do: this is a common concern that can be managed with laser treatments that heat collagen strands for immediate tightening as well as long-term strength.

Several treatments are available in our Renton and Seattle offices to achieve beautiful eyelid rejuvenation. For more information, call 206-859-5777.

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