Don't Fall for the Idea that your Skin is Safe this Season!

fall skin careOh, how we love Fall! It's the time of hoodies and vibrant colors and Pumpkin Spice Lattes galore! While we get carried away jumping in piles of leaves and choosing the biggest pumpkin for our front yard, we can easily forget that the change in weather means that we should revisit how we are caring for our skin. Before it gets colder - and before you start thinking about looking your best for the holidays - think about what your skin may be telling you.

Message #1 - I need moisture!

Skin gets incredibly dry in the months when the thermometer drops. Because we love being warm and toasty, the activities engage in could only serve to exacerbate the dryness of our skin. You need not give up heating your home or warming your soul under some steamy water. What you can do to nourish your skin is gather a few tools. Two of your new best friends could be a gentle cleanser (buh-bye, bar soap!) and an alcohol-free body cream. Those lighter lotions? Leave them for summer!

Message #2 - I need protection!

We are continually warned about spending a lot of time in the sun, which we tend to do when the weather is warm and sunny. Once we make our way into fall, we may get showers here and there, and we definitely aren't sweltering hot. As you sip on your cup of hot tea, the last thing on your mind may be that your skin is in need of UV protection. Researchers believe that we could actually be doing more harm than good during the Fall months simply because we forget to use sunscreen as we should. Remember, UV radiation is always out to play, and it will damage your skin.

Message #3 - I need pampering!

Summer-time skin damage can lead to signs of aging such as spots, wrinkles and loss of elasticity. UVA exposure breaks down collagen, and you may not see the evidence of this for several years. If you know that collagen is being degraded bit by bit, you can counteract this process with professional care. Your dermatologist can discuss collagen-building treatments and skin care such as retinol products.

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