Filler for nasal correction

Dr R, I am interested in Botox to reduce the width of my nostril flare when I smile and possibly Radiesse to enhance the tip, and make my broad asian nose look longer and slimmer. Can u give me an estimate, pictures, have u done it before?


Hi F,

I have done this before, probably about 10 times for Asian noses, and 20 times for Caucasian noses. The cost for the botox is $30 and the cost for the Radiesse is $450. It is about a 20 minute procedure. The botox lasts about 4-6 months. The first time, the Radiesse lasts about the same amount of time. After you have done the Radiesse a couple of times, it lasts a lot longer. It is amazing how you can make a nose look less flat and more slim by adding a bit of filler product along the bridge of the nose. There are few big risks. You may get bruising, and you will have temporary redness and swelling. Sadly, there have been some cases (very very few) in which the filler caused the skin to break down and develop a sore at the injection site. This is very rare and I have never seen it in person.

This is one of my favorite treatments. Please call to make an appointment for a consultation. I can show you photos then. The consultation fee is waived when you mention realself. Also, we can do the treatment on the same day if you want.

Thank you.


Dr Reichel

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