Fraxel re:pair vs CO2 laser

Dear Dr. Reichel:

I'm in my early 40's and am not happy with how my skin looks.  I pride myself on wearing good sunscreen and taking care of my skin, however I feel as though the fine lines and brown spots are getting the better of me.  I have looked into lasers and read about both the fractional Co2 and traditional Co2.  A friend of mine had a great experience with you and suggested I come see you.  Can you tell me what the difference is between the two lasers?

Thank you. K.C

Dear K.C.

I very much love the Fraxel, as I have the new Fraxel dual re:store; but what I can tell you about the Fraxel re:pair is that compared to the traditional CO2 it has less versatility.  It can only do fractional, meaning only to one depth, vs my Lumenis CO2 that has two depths, deep and active, which I can use to treat the really deep wrinkles.  I would really like to see you in consultation to determine what would be best for you.  I can tell you that my patients who have been treated with the CO2 love their results and I have some great before/afters to show you.

Please call my office to schedule an appointment for a cosmetic consultation, 206.859.5777, I look forward to meeting you.

Thank you,

Dr. Jennifer Reichel

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