Going Above And Beyond For Your Skin May Be Easier Than You Think

Skin Cancer Renton, WA When people talk about their skin, there are a few usual topics. We hear concerns related to aging. Some patients need to discuss ways to control acne or a chronic skin condition. At times, the topic of discussion turns toward skin cancer prevention. These are all important matters, but what we want to discuss today is how to maximize your skin now with a few easy steps.

  1. Get to the source. Did you know that there is a layer of cells that sit on the surface of your skin? When this cellular blanket is left undisturbed, it blocks your radiant glow from shining through. It also blocks your skincare products from the cells that need those nourishing ingredients the most. Bottom line: you want to periodically remove the uppermost layer of cells. This can be accomplished with a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or even a fractionated laser treatment.
  2. Get the good stuff. What you put on your skin matters as much as what you put in your body to feed the skin. Skincare is a form of nutrition, so ingredients matter. There are two important points that need to be made here. One is that store-bought skincare products are approved for superficial effect. Active ingredients are included in low concentrations. Medical grade skincare is approved for stronger concentrations, so can accomplish more. Second, product ingredients matter. Look for ingredients that will protect the skin, like antioxidants, and aid in cellular regeneration, like vitamin C.
  3. Get smart about protection. We hear it all the time: we need to wear sunscreen. And yet, surveys reveal that a large percentage of the population reaches for sunscreen only when obvious UV exposure is expected, such as a day at the pool. Sunscreen is a necessity not some days, but all days. Every day of the year. Could we be any clearer? Physical sunscreens containing zinc oxide are ideal, according to the Environmental Working Group, which creates a detailed list of sunscreens each year based on efficacy.

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