Great Beauty Finds for Mom

Finding the best gift for mom is no easy task, but look no further! We have identified some of the best beauty finds for Mother’s Day this year. These aesthetic products and treatments will help mom look even younger and more beautiful than she is today and make for the perfect gift. Here are our top picks.

In-Office Options: Some of our most popular anti-aging treatments are Photofacials and glycolic peels.  Each can soften fine lines and wrinkles, help smooth textured skin, decrease the appearance of scarring, reduce pore size, and reduce those age spots.  These are great gifts to help mom rejuvenate and re-discover that younger looking skin.  If you think mom might need a little extra help to turn back the clock, injectables like Botox® and Restylane® have little to no downtime and are great ways to reduce those lines and wrinkles. Mom will instantly erase a few years off her appearance after one of these treatments.

At-Home Options: There are several new anti-aging products on the market today to smooth fine lines.  Skinceuticals has an award-winning line of serums, CE Ferulic and Phloretin CF, as well as A.G.E. Interruptor that are formulated to help repair aging, damaged skin caused by daily sun exposure, irritants and pollutants while shielding the skin from damaging ultraviolet light.   A great product to help exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin is the Clarisonic® Sonic Skin Care System (this is the same company that developed the Sonicare tooth brush). The electric skin brush can remove 6x more makeup and 2x more dirt and oil than a wash cloth and will make mom’s skin look and feel beautiful.

Let Mom Choose: Gift cards are a great option if you aren’t sure what direction to go. Make it even more enjoyable for mom and see if one of her friends might want to join in. Our office can customize a great package to meet your needs.   If you have questions about any of these gift ideas call us at 206.859.5777 or email us at

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