How “50 is the New 40” can be Reflected in your Appearance

BOTOX® CosmeticIn recent years, we have heard 50 is the new 40 – or even the new 30 – countless times. What does this mean, and what does it mean for the woman (or man) who is managing conflicting feelings about growing older?

Don’t get us wrong. There are definitely perks to landing in middle-age with both feet squarely planted. Gone are the days and nights of anxiety over getting that job, or meeting “the one,” or any other stressor that may have become an obsession. Gone are the years of climbing the corporate ladder and trying to “find yourself.” Now, you are in a time of reflection, of accomplishment, and of many happy memories. These are benefits that should not be overshadowed by the physical signs of aging.

According to data, more and more 50-and-older patients, primarily women, are seeking treatment for the concerns that affect their self-confidence. Statistics also demonstrate that there is a particular area of focus: the eyes.

Eyelid rejuvenation has become one of the leading cosmetic treatments among aging adults. Having surgery may, in some cases, really be the best option. But what if you’re not there yet? What if you want to look younger without going under the knife? There’s hope for you, yet!

Since the development of Botox, injectable solutions have paved the way for millions of men and women to refresh the light in their eyes. The heaviness of a sagging brow, frown lines, and crow’s feet that develop with the passage of time can all be corrected in short, painless visit. We would be happy to consult with you about Botox and dermal fillers for younger-looking eyes.

Innovations in Anti-aging

Getting Botox and dermal fillers can lead to greater satisfaction and confidence, but there could be more. Why not manage the aging process rather than just chase it with wrinkle-reducing treatments? In our Seattle and Renton offices, one of the best ways to do this is with light. Our BBL Forever Young treatments have been scientifically proven to slow the aging process and, when used regularly, even reverse many of the signs of aging.

Whether or not 50 really is the new 40, you deserve to feel great about how you look at any age. Let’s develop a plan for you during a personal consultation visit. Contact us at 206-859-5777.

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