How to Deal with the Dreaded Dry Skin of Winter

Medical Dermatology Seattle WAWhen the temperature drops, so do humidity levels. Without as much humidity in the air, our skin is almost guaranteed to suffer. The excessive dryness that occurs during the cold-weather months, even if they are also wet, can cause itching, irritation, and can also accelerate the dermatologic aging process. Here, we offer a few strategies to help you deal with the dreaded dry skin of winter.

Prepare Your Canvas

The uppermost layer of the skin is the canvas through which products and treatments affect positive change. If nothing can get through, the skin will not improve. One of the first things that needs to happen to offset the drying effects of winter is superficial exfoliation. The top layer of the epidermis can be gently exfoliated weekly with a professional-grade product, or you can choose to visit Pacific Dermatology in Renton or Seattle for a Vi Peel or laser skin resurfacing like Clear + Brilliant. Once the canvas of your skin is prepared, it can absorb nourishing, moisturizing ingredients.

Maximize Your Sleeping Hours

We often hear that we need to get plenty of beauty sleep, but this tip goes above and beyond. What you do before bed can have a profound effect on your skin’s overall health and beauty. During cold-weather months, it is advantageous to develop a specific nighttime skincare routine that includes washing with a luxurious, creamy cleanser and applying a hyaluronic acid serum before topping off with a thick moisturizer, even Aquaphor. This combination of steps places moisture right on the skin and then locks it in while you rest.

Look at Your Plate

You’ve heard that old saying “you are what you eat.” Well, what you eat in the wintertime can boost your skin when you need it the most. Because dryness is an expected battle, you can promote moisture-retention from the inside out by consuming healthy fats such as avocados, olive oil or avocado oil, and walnuts more often. Conversely, experts recommend limiting consumption of coffee, caffeine, and alcohol due to their dehydrating effects on the body. To promote healthy, resilient skin, trade coffee for herbal tea and consume plenty of water throughout the day.

If your skin needs a boost this winter, we can help. Call 206-859-5777 to schedule a visit to our Renton or Seattle office.

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