I am very interested in a "non-surgical" nose job, can you help me?

I wanted to know how much it would cost to get a non surgical nose filler and if its safe and how many procedures have performed similar to mine thanks!

Thank you for your question.  I do perform non-surgical nose filler. I love doing them. I have some before and after photos – on Realself, and on our website. I can also show you more in person. It is very safe, and only takes about 30 minutes. I like to use Radiesse. Your results should last at least 6 months, but many patients have results that last up to 2 or 3 years (even with the first injection). Also, the more times you do it, the longer it lasts. Cost is between $395 and $495 at this time (June, 2011). You can expect some temporary redness and swelling for a few days, and there is a risk of getting a bruise – which can last up to 7-14 days. Avoid any blood thinning medications such as aspirin, aleve, ibuprofen etc.

 As far as experience, I have performed hundreds of filler procedures for facial rejuvenation and at least 20 nasal procedures. I feel very comfortable with the procedure and am truly amazed at the results.  Please feel free to make an appointment for a cosmetic consultation. If you are a good candidate, and would like, we can usually proceed with treatment at the time of your consultation. In that case, the consultation fee is waived. I look forward to seeing you.

Dr. Jennifer Reichel at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center

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